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I entered the Army 12/1/66. Basic at Ft. Polk, then on to Ft. Monmouth.  I was entered into fixed station radio repair, 32B20. I didn't know the difference between a transistor and a resistor, but I managed to muddle my way through.  I did well in school, and was asked to stay as an instructor after graduation.  I decided that would be better than Nam.  I taught for about seven months and decided that that was not for me, and requested  a transfer to Nam.  I go lucky, and was assigned to Regional Communications Group Headquarters in Saigon, or Phu Tho (spelling), as you will.  We later moved to Tan Son Nut AFB.  I worked with SSg. Huff in Activations Branch at RCG when I first arrived, he decided I would be his replacement....  This is another story.  I had a real good job there and decided that it was better than going back to Ft. Monmouth when I was due to rotate, so I extended for about 4.5 months to get a six month early out.  The basketball, volleyball, court at RCG was my idea.  We had many good parties playing basketball games and volleyball games with different outfits, loser paid for the beer.  We provided the steaks and extras.  In remembering, I'd almost like to go back, not. Actually, since I made it back in one piece, it was really a great experience, one I wouldn't want to relive, but one I'll never forget.  I've talked to Tom Rollo a couple of times recently, and Chuck Smith, and they have inspired me to remember  a lot of things.  I still can't remember everyone's name, but it's improving.  I'd really like to visit with a bunch of folks, Bill Dowdy, Joe Nesselrode, SSg. Roy Huff, SSg. (became Lt.) Holder, Don Hill, Mike Trice, Rick Gibalisco (sp), and many more that, at the moment, I can't remember. I find it hard to believe that there aren't more people out there who were in RCG.  I mean, most of us were fairly literate.....are we not on the internet?
I had no idea who I was, or what I wanted to do with my life when I joined the Army.  I learned a lot from my service and am glad for that. I didn't always practice what I learned,  but I've managed to survive in the "world" for 33+ years since I returned from Nam.  I've only recently started to actively remember Nam.  I think it is good.  I'd be glad to talk to anyone who may remember me. My e-mail is attached to the Roll Call.  My Cell # is 512-844-4972.   I'm back at home in Texas now, where I need to be, and am happy with who, and what I am. I'm in relatively good health, or what can suffice for good health for someone 57 years old.  I still enjoy visiting with old "friends".  One day I'll master the computer enough, and have the time to download some of my pictures of RCG and "The Peter Dragon Inn".  Until then,  y'all will just have to wait.......


1st Signal Brigade
United States Army
Republic of Viet Nam
Updated 11/02/2003

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