William "Bill" Jackson Thornton


I served with USA STRATCOM Regional Communications Group, Phu Tho, Saigon, RVN from Dec 1969 to Dec '70. I ran the publications office with "Beetle" Baily from Anaconda, Montana. We worked with a national named Lang. We worked for SFC Harry F. Gross, CWO Jim Rue and Colonel Paradis. 

Mark "Ski" Kozlowski worked in the motor pool, Bob DePaolo and "Mac" were my hoochmates and Sheldon Daitch, who photo'd me getting an ARCOM from General Rienzi, was one of our usual gang of idiots at the "Peter Draggin' Inn". 

We spent lots of time at the Melody Bar on Plantation Road, on Le Van Duyet, and at the Cho Lon PX as well as racing cyclos on Plantation Road. Bob and Som and I went to Takli in Thailand for R&R, where we drank much Singh Ha and ate these funny little chips from the Bangkok Marketplace. I'd give half my VA disability check to sit and talk with any of them again.

1st Signal Brigade
United States Army
Republic of Viet Nam
Updated 05/26/2003

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