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My story is short and sweet:

I was in C Company, 40th Signal Battalion, 1st Signal Brigade at Bien Hoa.  I received an Army Commendation for meritorious service in Da Nang. I was not in one place too long; I went were the work was. I guess I just moved around a lot. It was always short and sweet and then I moved on.

I was in Da Nang from Nov. '70 to Jan. '71. We worked on the main cable to Monkey Mtn. During this time and restored communication to all areas to the D.C.O. during this time period. The V.C. had taken out the main trunk line just across the road from the Navy supply yard and with it Monkey Mtn. While we were there we replaced cable in some areas that the French had put in way back when. I spent Christmas at the beach there.

It has been 31 years of trying to forget. There are many people I try to remember from that time but God knows I can’t remember their names any more. I would like to know if they made it home.

I also did short jobs in K-sanh, Bien Hoa proper, Chu Lia, Saigon, Da Nang, 2-1 Marines and even Long Bien. My team and I were all over that country at one time or another. South in the delta, North almost to the DMZ, and East and West from one end and side to side. We were every where.

The motto of our company was “Communicate Weather or Not.” I saw monsoons, sun and heat, rockets, mortars and heard the sounds of battle and the silence of the dead. They still haunt me until this day. 

I went on to become a Drill Sgt. and served at Ft. Carson, Co., Ft. Polk, La. and anyway the Fort in Kileen, Texas. Like I said before it has been along time. I though I would never forget but I guess that is how it goes when you get old-timers syndrome.

Check out the mug shots in the picture section if you remember me please email me at I would greatly appreciate knowing I was not the only one that made it home. Welcome Home my Brothers!

Robert L. Warren  


1st Signal Brigade
United States Army
Republic of Viet Nam
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