William "Jeanette" Zobjeck


I graduated 1st in class 32C20 Ft. Monmouth NJ. I was then forwarded to tech control school 32D20 graduate 1st in class with honors. (Highest graduating average in history of the course)

Assigned to 1st Signal Brigade, Vietnam detachment at Chu Lai IWCS - still under construction with civilian contractors on site.

 Arrived Dec 1967 left Nov 1968.

Served as Senior Tech controller and installation acceptance technician  until the site went on line.

I was responsible for the early activation of the facility  ( so I'm a workaholic ) and at 22 years of age I was the oldest operations technician on site (Our NCOIC and later Master Sergeant were both older but had no operations responsibilities) this made me
de facto strong shoulder for the rest of the detachment.

I miss those guys, they were my life for almost a year. 

After I got back to the world I never did stop worrying about how they were or , well you know.



1st Signal Brigade
United States Army
Republic of Viet Nam
Updated 05/26/2003

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