Manufacturer's/Sales Room

Photos by Tom Troughton

Banta Model Works

Smith & Kalin's Hardware and Plumbing Rita's Cantina Masters
Rita's Cantina Masters Silver Plume House
Car Repair Shop Ridgway Sand House
B&M Machine Shop The Block

Rickety Rails

Paul talks Soldering with a customer Custom Backwoods Miniatures Sn3 Porter
Custom Sn2 Porter with scratch built Tender Custom Sn2 Rail Truck

Bill's Train Shop

Bill Wade (left) visits with Jim Bresnaham E.B.T. Coles Station
E.B.T. Threee Springs Station Cabin Creek Post Office
Willett's Supply Co. Cabin Creek Rural Church
(L) Laurel Brook Station, (R) Branchline Water Tank Sn3 E.B.T. #12 2-8-2

Mike's Narrow Gauge

Mike and Jack at their sales table Locomotive Test Stand Rollers
A K-36 resting on the test track

Backwoods Miniatures

Sn3 Operating Ditcher Sn3 Operating Ditcher
0n3 Rail Bus Sn3 Rail Bus
(l-r) Peter McParlin & Jim Booth

Rio Grande Models "Log Skidder"

Soon to be equipped with drum motorizing kit

Saddle Tank Engine Vertical Boilered Steamer

Grizzly Mountain Engineering

(l-r) Don Smith and Randy Lee (l-r) Don Smith and Randy Lee
(l-r) Don Smith and Randy Lee Engine on Grizzly Mountain Display

Misc Manufacturer/Sales Room Scenes

(l-r) Peter McParlin and Bill Schaefer (l-r) Don Heimburger and Hal Shaffer
(l-r) Alan Ratliff, Bob Webber and Tim Mulina (l-r) John Coker, Eric Bracher and Jerry McCormac
Keren Booth Bob Sherwood
(l-r) Lyle Anderson and John Scherr (l-r) Richard Rands, George Wagoner and Bob Rands
Pete Nelson (l-r) John Scherr and Richard Hosmer

Photos by Spencer Noe

(l-r) Chris and Spencer Noe. Spencer took several of the photos appearing in these Symposium documents.