Attention, Officers of the ACWGC...

These are the intrepid men of the Machine Gun Division!






Lieutenant Colonel Valere Bernard,


Gold Oak Leaf

Sheridan Combat Medal Combat Badge South Mountain

99.15 points
1st Brigade    

  Major General M.G. Dean



Outstanding Service Medal (2) Distinguished Service Medal Sheridan Combat Medal BMI Sharpe Medal Ozark Campaign

1077.45 points
    Franklin Campaign Gettysburg Campaign Corinth Campaign Shiloh Shiloh Antietam  
  Chickamauga Davis Bridge Second Bull Run Antietam South Mountain Olustee  
  Olustee Murfreesboro Brandy Station Nashville Rappahannock Northern Virginia vs Shenandoah Spring Tourney 2002  
2nd Brigade    

  Major Mike Cox

"Once More Unto the Breach"


72.92 points
3rd Brigade    

  Lieutenant Colonel Tim Wheeler


    Olustee  119.10 points
4th Brigade    

  Lieutenant Colonel Rusty Hodgkiss


     105.60 points


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The historical records of the Machine Gun Division are kept here.

Muster reporting is done at the VIII Corps tavern, the Cedar Creek Inn.

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