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Also called War Dogs, they  lead patrols in Vietnam with the 173rd Airborne Brigade, and servedin Korea and WWII also.  A scout dog is a type of MWD - Military Working Dog - that provides advanced, silent warning of the presence of enemy ambushes, snipers, booby-traps, and hidden supplies.

leading and protecting the soldiers of these
distinguished combat units:

the 173rd Airborne Brigade
during 1966-71 in Vietnam
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the 7th Infantry Division
during 1953-55 in Korea  
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the 123rd Infantry Regiment
of the 33rd Infantry Division
during 1944 - 1945 in New Guinea and the Philippines
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We watched over them all!

The "Missing War Dog" Tribute

The leather leash and chain hanging from the kennel represents
the everlasting eternal bond between dog and handler.

The empty kennel where they once slept represents the life that
they gave to protect us, our brothers, and our freedom.  

The inverted bucket reminds us that they are no longer here for
us to fulfill their needs of food and water, for which in life they asked
for no more in return than our companionship and affection.

 Compliments of SSG. Jason Campbell
Patrick A.F. Base, Fl.

      From the beaches of Vung Tau, to the jungles of the Iron
      Triangle, through the rubber plantations surrounding
      Da Lat and Tay Ninh, sweeping the Ia Drang Valley west
      of Pleiku, then north, taking the NVA held mountains
      above Dak To, protecting the highly vital highway 19
      corridor, and finally, securing the An Lao valley & the
      Bon Song coastal plains. For  five years the Scout Teams
      of the 39th always were out in front.
      We're moving out!  "Dogman, take the point!"

173rd Airborne Brigade Challenge Coin

             "TORO" 2X79 - Donated to the service by Judy & Arvon Dale
                        A special word of our sincere thanks and appreciation to
                        the Los Angeles German Shepherd Dog Club,  who, by
                        adopting the 39th in November 1966, made our lives a little easier.

Johnny Mayo's "BUCK" in  Washington, DC

                                                                  Photo compliments of John Marisic, 1969/70
"Blackie" -  26A5  watching over LZ English

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