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BJ Quotes

This is the last darn sock I darn until the war is over. -- BJ

Enemy advances bring medical advances -- BJ

I haven't volunteered since the day my draft board tied me up and sent me here. -- BJ

You've gotta understand I'm not working on sick people here. I'm working on hurt young people, with essentially healthy bodies that have been insulted by ammunition. -- BJ

Hawkeye: I know I'm Dr. Pierce, but I want to be God.
B. J.: If you ever get the job, don't forget your old friends.

B.J.'s early impressions of the Korean War: I think I hate this.

B. J. to a repeat customer: This is getting monotonous, isn't it.

B. J.: Careful, Klinger. Dressing as a nun can be habit-forming.

Margaret: Nothing is too good for the men.
B.J.: I guess that's why they get so much of it.

B. J.: Hopalong Ferretface just shot me in the leg!

B. J. on Charles: Why don't we avoid the Christmas rush and start hating him now?

Hawkeye: You've gotta have a pair of pajamas, look around, you had a pair when you got here!
B. J.: I had a lot of things when I got here: faith, hope, sanity, a liver...

Interviewer: How would you describe yourself? Are you a Captain in the U.S. Army Reserve, or are you a civilian in uniform?
B. J.: I'm a temporarily mis-assigned civilian.

B.J.: On the very first day, Frank observed that the M in MASH stood for Mobile. So, he had us break down the entire unit and move it across the road.

B.J.: Radar, you're a model of efficiency.
Hawkeye: I built him out of a kit.

Charles: Why this constant preoccupation with sex?
B. J.: Lack of occupation with sex.

Hawk, you are shaved, cleaned, dressed! It's revolting. -- BJ