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Father Mulcahy Quotes

Hawkeye: You won again. You always win. Who do you know?
(Father Mulcahy looks up.)
Hawkeye: Namedropper.

The meek may inherit the earth but it's the grumpy who gets promoted! -- Father Mulcahy

The Father's impression of the exorcism: Sort of a cross between a bishop and a bull-fighter.

Father: Anything I can do?
Potter: Pray!
Father, disappointed: Oh, that's all I ever get to do!

Father: What an ordeal. 72 hours straight. I'm prayed out - absolutely prayed out.
Hawkeye: Don't forget, Father, God was on six days straight.
Father: He was a lot younger then.

Father: Good news, everybody, no more wounded!
Potter: Thank heaven.
Father: And the Manager thereof.

Father: If anyone needs more gloves, I'll be glad to give you a hand! (He goes out, laughing)
Potter: Pierce, Hunnicut, you two have been a rotten influence on that man.

Father: Dear Lord, I know there must be a reason. But what is it? I answered the call to do your work. I've devoted my life to it! And now how am I supposed to do it? What good am I now? What good is a deaf priest? I prayed for you to help me, and every day I get worse. Are You deaf too?

Father: Wondrous and mysterious are the ways of God, and I would have no one sheild my eyes from the glory of His works.
Frank: What does that mean?
Father: It means there's more than one way to skin a spirit.

Father: "Now I lay me down to sleep, a bag of peanuts at my feet. If I should die before I wake, give them to my brother Jake."

Father, patting his Bible: All the wealth I want you can find in here.
Radar: Oh, is that where you keep it? ... A little joke.