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Margaret Quotes

Oh, go salute yourselves! -- Margaret

Margaret: I don't like being frightened. It scares me.
Hawkeye: Me too. I'd feel a lot more brave if I weren't scared.

Margaret: They love you, Frank.
Frank: It was their hatred that fooled me.

Margaret: Permission to say it serves you right, sir.
Hawkeye: Permission denied. Dismissed.

Do you know that you look just like my father before he died? -- Margaret

I am not so think as you drunk I am. -- Margaret

Don't mind Pierce and Hunnicutt, they're both first rate surgons. Sure, they'll show up to role call in their bathrobes. They keep a still in their tent. Once they ran all my underwear up the flagpole. But I want you to understand it's an honor to serve with these men. -- Margaret

You different men are all alike. -- Margaret

There are so many things I was sure I'd have in my life by now. Every birthday reminds me of what's still not there. This just turned out to be another day in the middle of nowhere. -- Margaret

Money is far down on my list, major. It comes second or third...... Second. -- Margaret

Margaret: Everybody has to die sometime.
Frank: You'd think they'd give officers a break