4th Infantry Division
Uniform Requirements

"Give us the tools and we will finish the job." 


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Basic uniform requirements


The following is a list of the absolute minimum items needed to portray a rifleman in the 4ID.  New recruits dont have to get everything at once, as many members have spare gear to use for loaner purposes.  Howeaver, we do request that they have the basics by their fourth event.


Basic Uniform

Wool Shirt and Trousers


HBT uniform

Boots (either low quarter or double buckle)


Jeep cap or HBT cap

Army service waistbelt

M1 Helmet with correct chinstrap and liner


Basic Gear

Canteen, cup and Cover, WWII style, either original or approved reproduction

M36 Suspenders

10 pocket, preferably Khacki

Carlisle bandage pouch (with bandage)

Mess Kit and utensils

E-Tool (Preferrably T-handle, but folding accepted if correct design)



The following are secondary uniform items.  While not required, it is recommended that the recruit acquire most if not all of the following items within their first two years of meing a member of the 4th ID



Secondary Uniform Items

M41 or M43 jacket

Wool Overcoat

M43 Field trousers


Secondary Gear

M1910 or M1928 Haversack with meat can and E-tool

Musette Bag

Sleeping Bag and cover

Wool Blanket

Pup Tent (MUST be WWII era)

M3 Fighting Knife

GI Sweater

Mackinaw Poncho