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"The radio business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs for reasons that are never made clear. There is also a negative side." (with apologies to Hunter S. Thompson)


    WPCD 88.7fm -- Parkland College @ Champaign

    WEIU 88.9fm -- Eastern Illinois U. @ Charleston

    WVJC 89.1fm -- Wabash Valley College, Mt. Carmel, IL. (Rock)

    WISU 89.7fm -- Indiana State U. @ Terre Haute (Rock)

    WSUM 91.7fm -- Student Radio @ U. Wisconsin Madison

    WSIU 91.9fm -- Southern Illinois U. @ Carbondale [NPR]

    WUIS 91.9fm -- U. of Illinois @ Springfield. [NPR]

    WGLT 89.1fm -- Illinois State U. @ Bloomington [NPR]


    WEFT 90.1fm -- Community Radio for East Central Illinois

    WQNA 88.3fm -- Community Radio in Springfield, IL.

    WORT 89.9fm -- Madison, WI Community Radio

    WDBX 91.1fm -- Carbondale, IL Community Radio

    KDHX 88.1fm -- St. Louis, MO Community Radio

    WHYS 96.3fm -- Eau Claire, WI Community Radio

    WDRT 91.9fm -- Viroqua, WI - "Driftless Community Radio"

    WWSP 89.9fm -- Stevens Point, WI Community Radio

    WTIP 90.7fm -- Grand Marais, MN - "North Shore Community Radio"

    WRFL 88.1fm -- Radio Free Lexington

    WRFN-LP 107.1fm -- Radio Free Nashville

    WXBH-LP 92.7fm -- Louisville Community Radio

    WBOO 90.7fm -- Portland, OR Community Radio

    AM 1710 Antioch, IL - Old Time Radio

    The Prometheus Radio Project

    Free Radio 4 All -- Links & News to the Free Radio Movement

    WERU 89.9fm -- Blue Mountain, Maine


    The Wisconsin Broadcast Page

    Radio/DX Info From Wisconsin

    Upper Midwest Broadcasting

    K9EZ's Wisconsin Radio Pages

    Des Moines Broadcasting

    St.Louis Radio dot Com

    Kansas City-Topeka Radio/TV



    The Offshore Radio Guide -- Offshore Radio Pirates on the High Seas

    The Radio Forts (interesting stuff)

    Free Radio Berkley

    Free Radio Network

    ACE: The Association of Clandestine Radio Enthusiasts



    Is Clear Channel Hogging the Airwaves? (Businessweek Online)

    Clear Channel: Radio's Big Bully (from Salon.Com)

    Pay-For-Play (frum Salon.com)

    Fighting Pay-For-Play (frum Salon.com)

    Tough Company (frum Salon.com)



    Radio Swan: the guano paradise, the CIA and the Bay of Pigs

    OnTheShortwaves.Com -- history of Shortwave Broadcast & the Shortwave DX Hobby (fascinating)

    XERF: The Best Darned Story of the 20th Century

    Lives of the great DJ's: Radio personalities that have rocked culture (fascinating stuff)

    Voices Out of The Fog: A History of Broadcasting In The San Francisco Bay Area

    Puttin' On The Hits: A Chronicle of Top-40 Radio in the 60's and 70's

    Television History: The First 75 Years

    Jim Hawkins' Radio and Broadcast Technology Page

    Tubes to Go: Real Radio Equipment Glows in the Dark!

    United States Early Radio History: 1897 to 1927

    Old-Time Radio.Com

    The Original Old-Time Radio Pages

    The Old-Time Radio Archives

    Jeff Miller's History of American Broadcasting

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