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I'm back! Been a damned long time since I did anything with this website. I've been busy raising a family and all that kinda stuff...whatta long, strange trip it's been. The site is fully updated, dead links weeded, etc...


First update in awhile...I have a life, deal with it...added some new stations to both the AM & FM lists, weeded some dead links...made a bunch of station callsign updates as well. It's amazing how fast stations change hands and formats in the Chicago market.

Tall Congrats to Rob Quicke and the rest of the WXAV staff for the four Silver Dome broadcasting awards they picked up in Springfield last month. Keep up the excellent work!

The end of an era...after 48 years of Jazz programming, WBEE 1570am in Harvey was sold last month to a religious broadcaster...just what we need, more religious programming...

In a case of monkey-see/monkey-do, WBEZ 91.5fm ("Chicago Public Radio") is in the process of creating a 3-station Public Radio Cluster, much like the 5-station cluster of Northern Illinois Public Radio.

WBEZ acquired the 89.5fm station in Chesterton, IN., renaming it WBEW. Station Three of this new Public Radio Cluster will be WBEQ 90.7fm in Morris, IL., which is currently under construction. No word when that transmitter will come online.

Egads...how many Public Radio stations do we really need?? If this trend continues, pretty soon all we'll have below 92fm will be Public Radio Clusters and Religious-Broadcast Clusters...


And so it goes...first update in a long time...converted the entire website over to HTML 4.01 with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Reason for this is so that the website can be viewed correctly by the widest-possible variety of browsers, old and new. Using CSS actually decreases the overall size of the pages, making for faster loading times. Will update the links shortly.

Congrats to Rob Quicke and the rest of the crew @ WXAV, which now operates 24/7.


Redid some of the site graphix, corrected some coding errors, added new station hotlinks and other stuff...Added the new 1650Khz TIS transmitter @ Navy Pier...


Much thanx to those nice folks over at WDSO 88.3 in Chesterton, IN. for linking to us from their pages, and also to the Chicago Radio Rumor Board for adding our link.


We Got Mail...My old buddy Wentworth "Drunken Limey Scum" Giddy littered my email box today ... Wentworth is frontman for the Wisconsin-based Speed-Polka band "The Miserable Bitches"...he writes "Hey crackhead!  It's about ****ing time you did something with your stinking web page.  Now if only you could get a job.  See you at the polka convention.  Cheers!"

Dood, no way I am driving all the way to Sheboygan (or some other legalized form of Hell) to hear music that makes me wanna jam sharp pointed objects into my eardrums...when you make the Polka Hall of Fame, you let me know, okay??  In the meantime, be a good limey and bugger off...


The Madison, WI. radio dial just got a bit more crowded...After a long absence, the University of Wisconsin @ Madison returned to the airwaves when WSUM signed on Friday 02.22.2002 at 2:22pm.  WSUM "Madison Student Radio" is transmitting on 91.7fm to a tightly directional antenna pointed North with an Effective Radiated Power (ERP) of 5.6kw.   The directional antenna should prevent interference with WMSE on 91.7fm in Milwaukee.  Welcome back and good luck.

  If you have a link you'd like me to add or fix, please feel free to drop me a line.

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