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Welcome to the new Domain of Anime and Games
Aeris Well welcome to my *revamped* page! If you remember the old page, it was kinda bland with not that much organization. Well, with a few tutorial from the web, I've changed the face of this page. Also, I've decided to take the Aeris out of the name since a lot more people maintain this site along with me, but Aeris will remain the "mascot". Please excuse the appearance throughout the site I will update the rest of the site as soon as possible. This is the first page I started with, so this renovation may take a while. Feel free to browse around and don't forget to sign my guestbook!!

Notes from Aeris
Kei A VERY BIG GOMEN NASAI!! Tripod erased my MP3 of the month gallery due to my "piracy". Along with the neo_aeris007 account, they erased extensive pictures! >=/ A VERY BIG BOO!! TO THEM! >=/ Anyways, I'll be trying to repair the damages, but with my schedule, its gonna be sorta hard-keep your shoes on though! I'll manage it somehow. *psst* either that or I'll get one of the other webmasters to do the dirty work. >^-^< NEVER FEAR! THE DOMINION IS HARDLY GOIN TO BE SHUT DOWN!! >^-^<

Recent Updates:
12-30-00 - New Vision of Escaflowne pictures *currently 50% finished please check back later*
12-30-00 - MP3s of the month section updated *currently 75% finished please check back around 3:30 EST on 12-31-00*

Coming Soon:
late 12.00 - A whole lotta pics
early 1.01 - New anime galleries
late 1.01 - New Game galleries
early 2.01 - New MP3s

Feature Pages
Monthyly MP3s
The new mp3s of the month can be found here. You can request what MP3s you want by emailing me. Check out this month's *January* MP3.

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Vision of Escaflowne
I've put up new pics here!

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