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    When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, the general thought about Japanese aviation was that it was superior to everything. In fact, the superiority of Japanese aircraft, though still superior, was almost marginal. The superior points of the average mid-war Japanese fighter was visibility and maneuverability, and little more. Indeed, the Japanese pilots would rather sacrifice firepower, speed, and strength for them. This was a philosophy that was doomed to failure.

Selected Japanese Aircraft

Kawanishi N1K1-J 'George'
Kawasaki Ki-45 'Nick'
Kawasaki Ki-61 'Tony'
Kawasaki Ki-102 'Randy'
Mitsubishi A5M 'Claude'
Mitsubishi A6M 'Zeke'
Mitsubishi J2M 'Jack'
Mitsubishi Ki-15 'Babs'
Mitsubishi Ki-46 'Dinah'
Nakajima J1N1 'Irving'
Nakajima Ki-27 'Nate'
Nakajima Ki-43 'Oscar'
Nakajima Ki-44 'Tojo'
Nakajima Ki-84 'Frank'