Paul Cheeseman

Paul Cheeseman is one gifted Musician,  Engineer and Producer.
When the first of the Zoom Effects arrived around a dozen years ago he was invited to demonstrate it, and billed as Queenslands' hottest session musician. His endorsment with Laney Amps is one of many successes. He was Bassist for  the Phil Manning Band for over a decade and  was Music Director for Johnny Logan for two Australian Tours about ten years ago.

As for Paul Cheeseman the Producer, his string of Award Winning Productions started in 1995, and include genres of Rock, Jazz / Blues. Pop Rock, Country, and Blues, for albums by, Jane Michele, Jeff Usher, Al Smith, Steve Lott, Doc Spann and Ross Williams, Colin Greatorix, and Steven Huth.  He's produced albums for Legendary artists such as Chain and Phil Manning.

Check out the following  Real Audio Stereo Clips of Pauls'  work,
featuring, Lead Guitar,  Dobro,  Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar,
Engineering, Production, and the odd bit of Keyboards and  Percussion.

Bluegrass Pop Ballad Lead Break     Slide Guitar Blues Lead Break      Funky Blues Lead Break
Solid Rock Lead Break    Dance Rock Lead Break      Straight Rock Lead Break
Pop Rock Lead Break     Soft Ballad Lead Break      Country Pop Bluegrass

Music clips on this page from the Al Smith album  Three Day Wonder

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