Phil Manning is a great vocalist, while his guitar playing, and the diversity of sounds he produces are cloud nine material, with plenty of Boogie, Bluesy, Rocky riffs, which at times, he masterfully combines with silky smooth, touches of Jazz. 
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CAN'T STOP  from the album 
" Can't Stop".
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" Mix Up The Oils "  -  Chain

What separates Mix Up The Oils from past releases is the way Chain have pushed the boundarys. While there's plenty of Rockin', Boogie, and Blues styles throughout, there's some great jazz-ish touches, and slow blues that just ooze with groove. Some of these Jazzy riffs reminded me of  the slick touch of Santana or Steely Dan, while the deep grooves and solid riffs, of the slower Boogie-Blues stuff, at times, somehow, reminded me of the solid, and catchy riffs of  Skyhooks.

Matt Taylor once again shows his form as an amazing songwriter, and his ability to spin a good yarn, be it hilarious comic relief, or on a more serious note, is inspiring. His unique and charismatic voice, wails away in true Matt Taylor style. I don't know of anyone on this planet.who can play the harp like Matt Taylor, and he shows his virtuosity once again, throughout Mix Up The Oils.

Phil Manning is a great vocalist, and shows this with his lead vocals contribution, on Comfort Zone. As for his guitar playing prowess, he's simply the Best Blues and Boogie guitarist in Australia. We have some World Class Blues guitarists, including Kevin Borich, Dave Hole, and Dutch Tilders, but show me one with the range of styles, along with the diversity of sounds that Phil Manning produces. Phils' playing, and the sounds he produces on this album, are cloud nine material, with plenty of Boogie, Bluesy, Rocky riffs, which at times, he masterfully combines with silky smooth, touches of Jazz.

The rhythm section of Barry Harvey on Drums, and Dirk Du Bois, on Bass and backing vocals, would make a howling dingo sound good. Barrys' never miss a beat drum sounds, along with his casual, yet tight as, tinkerings, flow superbly throughout the songs. Dirks Bass sounds are solid as, and fullfill the consummate Musicianship that exists within all the songs on this album.

As with the recently released, and Historic Live Album, " 30 Years of  Chain ", Paul Cheeseman co-produced with Chain. Cheeseman's becoming a bit of an " Everything He Touches, Award -Winning Producer " and  has again, produced the goods.

 The Hottest Australian Blues and Boogie Band of all time, have once again given us value for money, with 17 tracks lasting 70 minutes. All of the songs are written by Matt Taylor, except Comfort Zone, by Phil Manning, while Millennium Fever and the Cruisy Boogie tune, " Shining ",  are penned conjunctively by Matt, Phil and Dirk.
I won't be surprised if more than one of these songs does some, serious charts-topping for Chain. This Album Is A Masterpiece.

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Review  by Al Smith