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>John Daggett arrived in America from England in 1630

>1825 Ezra Daggett patented the process of food storage in cans.

>Ellsworth Daggett helped developed irrigation for what is now Daggett County in Utah.

>Judge David Daggett was one of the three founding members of Yale School of Law

If your Daggett family tree has members in Centre or Tioga Counties in PA, drop me a line we may be family. - Alan Daggett adaggett@uswest.net

Here is my short path from John Doggett arrived in 1630 on the Winthrop Fleet. (The first Nathaniel appears to have changed his name from Doggett to Daggett): John Doggett, John Doggett(b1626), Nathaniel(b1661), Nathaniel(b1695), Reuben(b1733), Reuben(b1777), Major Seth(b1790), Lewis(b1816), Wells L(b1854), Lewis, Ellis(b1914), Alan(me,b1944)

Family Hint: The Daggett's would often use the mother's or grand mother's maiden name as the middle name for there children.

I am looking for some lost cousins. They are the daughers and son of Fredrick Allen Daggett of Bellefonte, PA I believe that they grew up in the Johnstown, PA area. I don't think they know of my exsistance. There names are Debra Bower(Daggett), Pamela Curtin(Daggett) Jefferson Allen Daggett

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