Credit Page

This page is a list of Credits of People and Web Sites who have contributed useful information, Graphics or helped with technical advise in order to make this page a success. It is with Great Thanks that I list them on this page.

Cody Woodward

Thank you, for giving me the inspiration to start creating this web site, the initial construction, and for whose help and knowledge in html I am eternally greatful for.

Donald Woodward

Thank you for helping me to locate Graphics and Midi Files, technical help in programming, support and knowledge.

Friends and Relatives

Thank you for all your comments, suggestions and support in looking at my site. Also, for putting up with me while I asked 1000's of questions regarding our family history and current information for my records.

...Steve Charles - Noah's Ark, Heart to Jesus, Dove, Calvary, God's Work in Progress, Jesus is Love, Parrot, Eternal Construction graphics
...El Shaddai Web Design - Bible and Light graphic
...Neil Flake - Email Icon
...B.J. - Flying Fish Bar
...Carol Waggoner - Lighthouse graphic
...Chris Tyler - Alpha/Omega graphic
...Unknown artists - Fish & Cross, Welcome Hand Signing, Graphics

Christian Comedy & Drama Webring

Animated Christian Comedy Mask Icon

Latter-day Saints

For making their Family History Records Available for Research

Mee Family History Contributors

...Geoff Mee & his Uncle Don Henderson - contributed my proposed family tree and have helped in confirming some of it. Also photocopy of the Will of John Mee (1552)
...Sue Horseman - for research into Records Office, Pictures of Diseworth, and alot of footwork finding out information for me.
...Rev.Terry Holman - for historical information on the Mee surname
...Bob Saunders - for sending me alot of his research data on the Mee's in Diseworth

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