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Gallery #8

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To the memory of Daniel, son of William & Elizabeth Mee, Feb 28 1823, aged 22 also John, their son, who died in his infancy.

(Found in Baptist Churchyard) In loving memory of William Mee, son of Robert and Mary Mee who died July 17, 1889 aged 65

(Found in Baptist Churchyard) In Affectionate Remembrance of Pascha Mee who departed this life February 15, 1863 aged 68 (A long poem follows)

Left Stone = Robert Mee and Right Stone = William Mee

Here lies interred the boy of William Mee who departed this life September 28, 1750 aged 76

Dedicated to the memory of Robert Mee who departed this life June 16, 1789 in the 80th year of his life (followed by long poem)

To the memory of John Mee who departed this life February 27, 1805, aged 57 years

(Found in Diseworth Baptist Churchyard covered by a Laurel Bush)

Robert Mee of the village who died on the (almost illegible, could be ?? ....?ary 18 ?6 7 (1867?), 76 year of his life (Information received from Marilyn Mee says that she has received a death certificate for Robert Mee that reads that he died January 25, 1867 at age 75 and that he was married to Mary (Bakewell) Mee [Thank you for contributing this information, Marilyn]

Mary Mee wife of the above died 26 February 1869, aged 75

Grave of Infant Lucy Kathleen Mee (1st daughter of Oliver & Miriam Mee)

Grave of Oliver and Miriam Mee in Forest Lawn Cemetary in Burnaby, BC Canada

Grave of Ann & Gilbert Mee of Ticknall.

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