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CONSPIRACY! says Manjeet Singh. Click here to read his statutory declaration and letter to the Attorney-General
Mahathir gets taste of own medicine -- Statement by Ezam                             LATEST
Anwar's article in The Asian Wall Street Journal -- The Real Business for APEC (18 November 98)  
Full text of Al Gore's Remarks at APEC Business Summit
Time Magazine (Asia Edition) Cover Story
(16 November 98)                        
"Trial of the Century"
Interview: Anwar speaks candidly from prison
Anwar writes of "events leading to his sacking and
subsequent ordeal during his illegal detention by the police" (Click here if you have difficulty getting to site)                     
Sukma Darmawan's heart-rending letter to Anwar
(in Malay)
Dr Munawar Anees describes his torture by police
Raja Aziz Addruse: The Malaysian judiciary too is on trial
NYT Editorial: Malaysia on Trial
Full text of Affidavit by Azizah in support of Anwar's habeus corpus application 
Let foreign observers attend my husband's trial, says Azizah
Anwar issues second statement from behind bars
Anwar Ibrahim speaks of Mahathir's increasing desperation and the inhumane treatment of detainees
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Click on the picture to go to a site dedicated to Nurul Izzah

U.S. scholars ask Mahathir to stop spectacle
Time to rise up, Saifuddin tells UMNO (Full statement)
Heed Anwar's call, says Ezam  (Full statement)
Memo to the King and Malay rulers   (in Malay)
Japanese Premier concerned over Anwar situation
Police violence uncalled for, say rights groups
Asian Democrats deplore treatment of Anwar
Malaysian Chinese declare support for Reformasi
Lawmakers back Estrada's stand on Anwar
KL is angry
Read about an alarming revelation
No reason to deny bail, says Wan Azizah
Clinton downgrades KL visit
Habibie, Estrada may appeal formally for Anwar's release
Let's be frank, Estrada tells ASEAN
Is it unpatriotic to criticize the Malaysian Government?
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Articles and Opinions
Gerakan Reformasi condemns police brutality
(Statement of Oct 27

As a service to our esteemed visitors, we have set up an
Anwar Online Bookshop

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Sabri's 24 Oct outing:
"The many incidents I saw did not indicate the police were being tough or even harsh - they were just plain cruel.

"But by sowing terror, they planted the seeds of anger and hatred."

Sabri Zain describes "the Rain of Terror" on the streets of KL

What happened on Oct 17:

Wan Azizah greets Reformaseers
Sabri goes shopping again

new links:
Justice for Anwar
Malaysian Bar Council
Gerakan Reformasi
Berita Reformasi

A member of Sedarlah WEBmasters

Laman Reformasi

Are Malaysian judges truly independent? Kit Siang
challenges Mahathir to prove it.

Bar resolutions on civil liberties
Bar slams ISA, media, A-G and cops
High Court Judgment restraining the publication and distribution of 50 Dalil
Permatang Pauh Declaration
The Pledge of September 20
Statutory Declarations by Anwar's Ex-driver
Nalla's Statement
A Visitor's Viewpoint
Anwar's message to his children and the people
Anwar Decries Blatant Abuse of Media
A Plea for Justice
Q&A with Anwar
Anwar Thanks Head of Police
Anwar Swears He's Innocent
Anwar blasts conspirators for sordid misuse of law and dares them to do their worst
The Reformasi Trail: Kota Baru outdoes the rest
Anwar calls for reforms
Conspiracy exposed
Huge crowds everywhere
Biggest show of support so far
Police block Bangi gathering
Anwar wows mosque crowd
Anwar Pulls in the Crowd
Islamic scholar Khurshid Ahmad writes to Mahathir
More protestors beaten up and arrested
Anti-Mahathir groups unite
Anwar's daughter speaks up
Thais pray for Anwar
Eyewitness account of Oct 10 rally
in downtown KL
KL nervous about pro-Anwar Thais
Bar complains of police harrassment
Anwar held illegally, say lawyers
Estrada urges Filipinos to support Anwar
Rahim Ghouse in Manila to explain Malaysian political situation
Anwar Bound: Excellent speech delivered in the Philippine Senate
Habibie expresses sadness
Malaysia on Trial (Reuters analysis)
Women defy cops and stage new protest
Saifuddin Nasution tells Mahathir: Repent before it's too late
UMNO nearing destruction, say Rahim Ghouse and Ezam
Support for Anwar intensifies
Listen to the people, Penang's Koh tells KL
Democracy in Malaysia? Read the small print
Kit Siang praises local press
Thousands attend Kepala Batas rally
Anwar aide calls for UN-supervised probe
Bar Council to debate on ISA, harrassment of lawyers and role of media
Chandra disillusioned with Malaysian police
More on Anwar Assault (including first-person accounts)
Rule of Law Under Threat
No reason to keep Anwar in jail, says JUST
15 NGOs condemn Mahathir for "utter contempt" of people's views

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