The Arizona Bigfoot Center

Lyle Vann, director of the Arizona Bigfoot Center, has been investigating the existence of Bigfoot for more than 25 years, primarily in Arizona, but also in all 50 states.

"Hunting Bigfoot is not a hobby or a game. This is for real," he says. "I'd rather go back to skydiving, or playing golf. I'd rather do anything other than freeze my butt off, get snake-bit, and have the bejesus scared out of me."

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This image of Bigfoot popped up
in a rear-view mirror.

Bigfoot caught on film
while sitting under a tree.

A male Bigfoot lends
a helping hand to his mate.

Lyle Vann points to UFO landing site.

This Bigfoot was spotted in a movie theater.

The hunt goes on!

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