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I strive for high quality links that work. Additions will come a few at a time, but they are tested before they are put on the list. This is current as of May 30, 2001. I will be adding more topics relating to vintage record players, tractors, and a few more items.
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Refininishing supplies
Galleries and reference sites for old radios
An excellent Atwater Kent Site
An excellent Philco information site
An excellent Crosley page
The Hallicrafters Collectors Association
Restoration Parts
Radio Grille cloth
Antique Electronic Supply 
Electrical Restoration Parts
Vintage Electronics
Radio Junkyard
Various radio dials and supplies
The source for the television design that was too short lived. This gentleman has improved upon the unique Predicta, and now you can get color, and cable ready versions.
Electrical restoration Information
Chuck Schwark's Philco pages. A "MUST" visit site if you are working on classic Philco radios from the late twenties through the thirtes. 
Nostalgia Air. A "MUST" visit site if you are working on ANY classic radio. 
The source for Sam's Photofacts. New site from where they were, and they are current. 
Anatek Schematics and information for DVD's, VCR's, computer monitors, and televisions. They also have numerous links to suppliers, and manufacturer phone numbers. 
Crystal Radio information
These are good sites, each with good information, and each approach is slightly different, which is why they are here. If you work on radios older than 1930, you may find some of this information to be of value also. By the same token, if there is a site that should be on here and it is not, drop me a note. While this links index is in it's early stages, I may not have all of the sites up that I should.
crystal short wave project.
The Crystal Set Society. An excelent source for circuits, parts, supplies, and information
various projects good for "home schoolers"
Projects Many projects.
Longwave resources
Bellingham Radio Museum in Bellingham Washington An excellent site, with many areas that are worth the time to peruse.
Basic designs with rudimentary "ASCII" images of the circuits.
A complete crystal radio encompassing the whole finished product
Figures and drawings of some of the more elaborate pieces of Crystal designs
Razorblade/foxhole radio project
A project
A crystal radio that uses a peanut butter jar for the coil form
Directional loop crystal set
Coil winding calculator
A "valveless" radio (crystal radio)
Radios in history, and with limited resources
Hisotrical radio: A hard fought radio in history. There are several pages to this, at the bottom of each page, press "forward" to move on to next page.
Hisotrical radio: A radio that you will think; "it should not work."
Ad Lists
"Un"-classified Ads, on "Phil's Old Radios"
On Line Radio Trader
QTH Communications gear lists
Radio Classifieds>
Historical radio miscellany
Historical miscellany
Crystal design site The site was not able to be reached while I was compiling the list, so it may not work. If it does, the information is very good.
Nostalgia Miscellany
Nostalgia miscellanyThe "Daily Bleat" can sometimes be an entertaining diversion from things radio. THe site also has other features, and you can preview some tidbits of writing projects, or potential writing projects/Architectural reviews of buildings past and present in various places in the Heartland of the US.
Shortwave Links
US Radio Frequency allocations
A Shortwave directory of countries and their stations. You can also tune in a frequency online and listen to shortwave on your computer. It is not as fun as tuning up the old Hallicrafters, but his reception is quite good, and you do not need to service tubes, unlike some of the older Hallicrafters radios.
Ham Radio/Vintage Communications Gear
General aviation frequencies
KB9JJA's Heathkit information A good general reference for Heath also.
Scanner Pages
General aviation frequencies
KC5KTO's home page. Just scroll up from where you are on the page once it has loaded fully
US Radio frequency allocations
Antenna Pages
Solar Data/Weather Data
Current Solar Data
Near "Real time" Auroral activity
near "real-time" MUF map
North American Weather Satellite image
Long Wave links
Poulsen Arc info
Longwave resources

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