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Items I am particularly interested in are the "Kilograd Verniers", such as those on the Northome below. They were manufactured by "Pilot". I could use three of the red/black mottled verniers right away.

Items I would look for in trades are: Globe type vaccuum tubes, 101A,201A, 301A, even some of the 401A's (that are not Western Electric), 112A, 212A, 312A, 171A, 271A, 371A,etc] other certain common vaccum tubes used in late twenties and early to mid thirties. Short or long pin varieties are of use to me.
Radio parts, radios- even total "basket cases" are of interest. Especially desired chassis right now are for a Glorytone 26 (or Gloritone 26) depending on how you chose to spell it. Zenith 10 tube chassis (I think 1004) vintage 1936 was in models: 10S153/130/157/155/156/160. Lastly a Silvertone chassis for model 1711-A, or 7090-A. (According to Rider's this is the same radio. This is the battery type, NOT the console with push-buttons)

Most of the other desired tubes will be of the "ST" type (usually) ("ST" tube envelope glass resembles a pop bottle slightly) Types such as 48, 33, 45, 31, 24A, 224, 224A, 24, 30, 27, 26, 201, 171A, 71A, 01A, 301A, 371A
75, 5X4, 950, 951, 34, 19, 42, 41, 78, other types would be considered.
Also looking for tubes often used in "Farm radios" such as: 1A7, 1N5, 1C5, 1A5, 1A6, 1H5, 6F5, 6F6, 6K7, 6C5, 6J5 and a number of others. They can be metal, G, GT configurations.

Also vintage knobs, dials, chassis, and miscellaneous parts. I do have some parts I would be willing to trade for some of the parts I need. Such as the "mini" 4 pin sockets as used for type "199", "337", etc. Some tubes for trade too, such as 25BQ6GT, sometimes 2A3's, Some vintage as well as some newer "IF" transformers. I do also have a couple of verniers of older vintage, as well as a fair number of the calibrated dial knobs that Atwater Kent produced.

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