Wheels, Flywheels, And Other Odd Parts
This is effectively an online garage sale

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In the table above:
The first row are images of the same Cheverotlet wheel, the other Cheverolet wheel is not pictured, but comparable in quality to this one. They measure 21 inch diameter at the rim seating area (About 22 1/2" at the outside diameter) I can only estimate their age to the late teens, or early twenties.
The first three images in the second row are of a Ford wheel with hub, and rim of the same vintage as the Cheverolet wheels. The Ford wheel is 23" at the tire bead seat (about 24 1/2 inch at the outside diameter of the rim). This also has a hub.
    Both Cheverolet wheels have hubs, only one wheel has a presentable center, the other is fair.
    The wood was in good shape on all three wheels at the time I took the pictures this fall.
    Filler and paint appeared to be all that was needed on the wood.  $200.00 for the pair of Cheverolet wheels, and $90.00 for the Ford Wheel
The fourth image on the second row appears to be a 50's era Dodge- It is a 15"X5" wheel, with distance bolt holes at 2".
The third row are of a Ford axle that appears to have been used for a trailer at one time. Careful work could traighten the steering arms back to correct position. This one datesfrom the early twenties from what I can tell.
    Axle seems straight, as the one image shows, the steering arm was bent over. $90.00
The first two pictures of the fourth row are of a Toronado axle, mid to late 1970's.  $45.00
The last two pictures of the fourth row appear to be late forties to early fifties Chrysler? There are two of these, the other is not pictured, it's paint is in poorer condition, but both wheels are restorable. They are 16"X4", and the distance between adjacent bolt centers is 2 5/8".
     $20.00 for pair
The fifth row are three pictures of two tractor wheels,
    maybe Case, Maybe JD- I do not know at this time.  SOLD!
The last image of the fifth row appears to be a forties (Cheverolet?) wheel. It is a 16"X4" wheel with distance between adjacent bolt holes at 2.75"
    perhaps late thirties through????.  $12.00

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The top row of pulleys are all flat pulleys of various vintages.
    The dimensions of the larger pulley in the first image is 23 inches diameter, by 8 inches wide, with a hub width at 5 inches, and straight bore of 2.125 inch and broached for keyed shaft. The smaller puley is 16 inches diameter, 3" with 1.25 inch keyed hub.
   The The wheels imaged in the second and fourth image are not known sizes at this time. The Third imaged wheel is 2.25 inch wide, the hub is offset, and 7/8" diameter, I did not get the diameter of this wheel, but estimate it at 16 inch- It may be a driven wheel for a bandsaw.
        Wide pulley- 110.00, Narrow pulleys 35.00 each
The first image of the second row is apparently off a large flywheel from a "hit and miss" engine, however it can be barely be made out that there is a hand crank handle on the side, so it may be off of something else. It is 36" diameter, with a tapered bore that starts at 1.125, and narrows to 1" over 1.25 inches.
    model and make not known, and wheel is not stamped. $ 75.00
Also in that first image is a tall implement wheel. $25.00
The center image of an aftermarket sun visor for forties and early fifties. The visor is 52 inches at the bracket locations. $75.00
The third image of the second row are of aftermarket electric horns for car or truck. $20.00
Third row and first two images of fourth row are of a pair of headlights on a headlight bar.
    I am not sure of the original application, but may have been a Chrysler, Dodge, Desoto, or Plymouth, and the headlights themselves are marked in a
    generic fashion. $85.00
The last two images of the fourth row are general utility headlights.  $25.00 each
The fifth row are of three outboard props, the smallest being for a 1.5 horse "Neptune",
    and the other two are not known, all are a "white metal". The large 2 blade prop $35.00 pitch and diameter are not known.
        The 3 blade prop is $25.00, the pitch and the diameter are ot known, and the small prop is $8.00
The sixth row is an old Fairbanks Morse beam scale, but no weights. $65.00

        Also for sale are an assortment of Briggs and Stratton parts WITH the big parts manual (most parts are for late fifties to early seventies), as well as Older Homelite parts, a few Kohler filters, and some OMC/Lawnboy. Images are not available at this time, but they can be e-mailed. Too many parts to go through and list individually. I will try to get as much detail into images as I can. I will consider offers, on part, or all- but manual is only sold with B/S parts as a single lot.
        Lastly are numerous pairs of late sixties to seventies vintage New Old Stock Kimpex brand snowmobile shocks- NOS replacements. Mostly slide suspension types. I do have part numbers, but no current application coverage information, nor do I have any vintage application coverage data. What I have identified so far is listed below.    
2 of 04-235 for Polaris part #'s* (*possibly more) 7041154,7041130; 2 of 04-237 for Polaris part 's* 7041142; 2 of Bombadier replacements for part number 414.3967* I do not have Kimpex number handy. 2 of Yamaha 04-242 for part #'s* 8Y3,80L,85L& 47481-00; 2 of Yamaha 04-243 for part #'s* 80L-47480-00; 2 of Yamaha 04-244 for part #'s* 8Y3-47480-01; Plus pairs of 08-114-6, 08-114-116, 08-114-16, 08-114-15, 08-114. $22.00 per pair plus shipping. I do not have a reference guide, so I cannot tell you what they will fit, or any competitive interchanges. I do know these are for older machines, and possibly some newer applications too.

Shipping is NOT included in price shown.  On items shipped, additional charges will be for the actual shipping cost plus insurance, except items that need to be palleted for shipment, which will be charged based on estimated time and materials.  There is a limited delivery area where I will deliver, and for some items a small area of free delivery (about 60 miles from my location most times.

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