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Greetings.........this site concerns the Malayan Emergency(1948-60) and the Indonesian Confrontation(1963-66) it is hoped it will be of interest to veterans of these two campaigns and others who may be interested in these conflicts. The bibliography has been compiled by Paddy Bacskai(RAR,RAER,SAS,RAR,SAS,1957-81) who also supplied much of the statistical data. . This site has been built by me,Rufus Cole(Army,Malayan Police,Dept.Aboriginal Affairs-1947-59),I have tried to be as accurate as possible but if you spot anything wrong or have anything to add please let me know.....this site is still under construction..
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Malaysian Govt. to award service medal to British & Commonwealth Forces..............see Notice Board updated 25/03/05
Australian Defence Force veterans and some civilians who served in Malaysia who believe they are eligible should click HERE for full details.
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