Braniff International Virtual Airways
28 October, 2002


  We regret to inform you that Braniff International Virtual Airways has temporarily ceased operations as we rebuild and relaunch the airline in anticipation of our 4th Anniversary in February, 2003.  As a result, this site is no longer being updated.  You may visit the old site, but bear in mind that many links are no longer functional.  Most of this is due to circumstances beyond our control, but we will try to assist anyone interested in downloading aircraft, etc. while the reconstruction is taking place.  Please direct any inquiries about joining the new BIVA or about our Braniff Flight Simulator Archives to the main administrative offices at  
    Please continue to check back here for updates as to the grand re-opening of BIVA at our new home very soon.  For now, the old site may be accessed here.  Thank you for bearing with us during this hiatus, and join us again as the Fying Colors take to the virtual skies.

Kristopher Crook,
Chariman and CEO,
Braniff International Virtual Airways