Questions for Biography of Anne Frank

This worksheet is to accompany the site "Anne Frank:  Her Life and Times."  The student will need to read two articles at this site entitled:  "Anne's Story," and "The Diary."


Directions to complete this worksheet:    
  • Print out page following these steps.  Click on the File Menu, Print and OK.
  • When the page is done printing, click on the image of Anne's diary "Kitty" and  to go to the home page of the web site.  You will need to read the articles at the links of "Anne's Story," and "The Diary." 
  • Answer all questions completely. Anne Frank:  Her Life and Times                                                                          Back to Anne Frank WebQuest


Questions for "Anne's Story"

1.  When was Anne Frank born?_________________________________________________________________
2.  What were her parents and sister's names? _______________________________________________________
3.  What war did her father serve in and for what country?______________________________________________
4.  Why is this ironic?__________________________________________________________________________
5.  What did the Dutch Opekta Company sell?_______________________________________________________
6.  When did Germany invade the Netherlands?______________________________________________________
7.  Where was the Secret Annex located?__________________________________________________________
8.  Who else went into hiding with the Franks?_______________________________________________________
9.  When did they go into hiding?_________________________________________________________________
10.Why did they go into hiding?__________________________________________________________________
11. How long did they live in the Secret Annex?______________________________________________________
12. When were they captured?___________________________________________________________________
13. Who were the four helpers?__________________________________________________________________
14. When did they go to Auschwitz?______________________________________________________________
15.  Who went to Bergen-Belsen and when?________________________________________________________
16.  Of all the Secret Annex members who survived the Holocaust ?______________________________________

Questions for "The Diary" 

1.  When did Anne receive her diary and what was the occasion?_________________________________________
2.  What did she name her diary?_________________________________________________________________
3.  Why did this diary become so important?_________________________________________________________
4.  Did Anne intend to have the diary published and why?_______________________________________________

Questions for "Publication of Diary"

1.  Who published her diary?____________________________________________________________________
2.  Why did he publish it?_______________________________________________________________________
3.  How many copies have been sold?_____________________________________________________________
4.  How many languages has it been translated in?____________________________________________________

Questions for "Authenticity of Diary"

1.  What does authenticity mean?_________________________________________________________________
2.  Who questioned the authenticity of the diary?______________________________________________________
3.  Why did they question it?_____________________________________________________________________

Questions for "Selected Entries"

1. Which entry did you feel is the most moving and powerful?_____________________________________________
2. Why?____________________________________________________________________________________