Worksheet for Miep Gies Story: "Outside The Annex"

    This worksheet is to be used in conjunction with Dateline's documentary of Miep Gies.  Students will need to read the entire selection of Miep's remarks regarding her life and Anne Frank


Directions to complete this worksheet:    
  • Print out page following these steps.  Click on the File Menu, Print and OK.
  • When the page is done printing, click on the image of Anne's diary and  to go to the home page of the web site.  You will need to read the articles at the link 
  • Answer all questions completely.Miep Gies                                                                       Back to Anne Frank WebQuest


Questions about Miep's Life

1.  Where was Miep born?__________________________________________________________________
2.  Where was she moved to and why?_________________________________________________________

Continue with link: Life During The War

1.  Who did Miep lend an ear to during the war years?_________________________________________________
2.  What was one important thing this person said to Miep?_____________________________________________
3.  Why is that statement important?_______________________________________________________________
4.  What did Miep do with Anne's diary?___________________________________________________________
5.  Who did Otto know for certain didn't survive the Holocaust?__________________________________________
6.  Who did Otto hope survived the war?___________________________________________________________
7.  Who went to the Central Station when the war was over hoping to find survivors?__________________________

Student Interpretation

1.  In the space below describe what kind of person Miep is based on what you have read thus far.