Welcome to the Home Page of the Oregon state office of the Western Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri!

UPDATE 9/8/99:
As you can probably tell, I am healing up nicely from my surgery. Still a little stiff and sore but that will work out in time. I even finally got caught up on my e-mail. Will miracles never cease.
Things here in Oregon are pretty much "on hold" right now. The two wonderful families I have been in touch with have been a complete joy to know, but I still haven't heard from my other brothers and sisters here. If you are a member of the Nation and live in or around the state of Oregon, please contact me. I would love to hear from all of you!
Until the next update, take care and good luck!

Paul Drew
Headquarters Address:

Western Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri
776 Highway 351
Paragould, AR. 72450
Chief Lola Smith Scholl
(870)239-5174 Office

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"I would like to remind everyone to be sure to register as Native Americans on the 2000 census." Harold G. Turman-Deputy Chief
Additional Information and Calendar of Events:

HOG FEST:From all reports that I am getting the gathering was a tremendous success. They are even talking about having to find a larger place for the next celebration. Congratulations to everyone that participated.

April Rhodes
J. White
Southeast Missouri District

Cookbooks of old Indian recipes and the Cherokee language book are available from the Tribal Headquarters (I now have five of each for sale too.) at a cost of $5 each plus $1 postage.
Check out this website for an additional breakdown of the Cherokee language:
Cherokee language

Native American Tribes for the Oregon area:
As near as I can figure there are approximately 12 different tribes represented in the Oregon area:
1. Burns Paute near the junction of highways 20 and 395 in eastern Oregon
2,3,4. Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw on highway 101 south of Lincoln City in western Oregon
5. Coquille in southwest Oregon
6. Cow Creek, Band of the Umpqua near Canyonville, OR on I-5 in southwest Oregon
7. Ft. McDermitt on highway 95 in eastern Oregon
8. Grand Ronde, The Confederated Tribes west of Salem in northwest Oregon
9. Klamath near Klamath Falls, OR on highway 97 in south Oregon
10. Siletz Indians, The Confederated Tribes around Lincoln City, OR on highway 101 in west Oregon
11. Umatilla, The Confederated Tribes near Pendleton, OR in northeast Oregon
12. Warm Springs, The Confederated Tribes off of highway 97 in northcentral Oregon

BOOK LIST: The following books on Cherokee genealogy are available for purchase from Cherokee Cousins, 2293 Cherokee Trail, 110 Big Canoe, Big Canoe, GA 30143, (706)579-1061 (This is a private business that is not directly connected to the Western Cherokee Nation.)
Cherokee Cousins

Profit Systems Software, A Native American Enterprise is marketing The Cherokee Companion-Part One. The Cherokee Companion is software for the IBM compatible Windows/Windows 95 computer. It requires a sound card and speakers or headphones. It includes a syllabary document reader. The Cherokee Companion is designed to help Cherokee people learn to read and type the Cherokee Syllabary and learn Cherokee words and sentence structure while learning our true Native history in our own language. The Cherokee Companion Part One is available for $40 plus $4.50 shipping and handling from: Profit Systems Software, 1641 NW Rutter Lane, Roseburg OR 97479-1949 or by calling 1-800-323-6509