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Brad 'Freddie' Fittler was born on the 5th of February 1972 and is undoubtedly the best and the sexiest player in the NRL. Not only does he posses that infamous side step which decieves the very best of players but he also has a spiralling torpedo kick which can fool even the best fullbacks. Brad made his first grade debut for Penrith in 1989 whilst still at school and he made the NSW State of Origin team the following year later at the tender age of 18 years and 114 days. He made Kangaroo history in 1990 when he played for the green and gold when he was only 18 years and 247 days old. Fittler become one of only 4 Kangaroos to tour at the age of 18. The talented youngster was recognised in the best possible way when he was named Mal Meninga's successor as Australian captain, making him one of the 3 youngest Test skippers of all time. For years now, he has been one of just a few players you could safely label a certainty for any Test side. It's a luxury that sits comfortably with Fittler. It was as if he went out one night as the youngest Kangaroo and State of Origin player in history and a few beers and a good lie-in later.....whoosh, he's a veteran. In terms of age, Fittler has often been termed the 'baby' of teams. He's blessed with charisma that's made him one of the games most popular personalities. Fortunately, fame and forune have never gone to Fittler's head, even though he is one of the highest paid players in the NRL today. He likes a dollar as much as the next person but he doesn't take his huge success for granted. Who else could cover every position on the park as well as he can? When Penrith appointed Fittler as captain for the 1995 ARL season he had already managed a string of achievements in the sport. It was little wonder Fittler was in a great bargaining position when the Super League revolution began. He became one of the highest profile players to remain with the ARL.Significantly, Fittler jumped at the chance to join Sydney City in 1996 and be reunited with his mentor, Phil Gould. He dedicates much of his success to Goul's influence. Despite having a great team, the Panthers would not have won the 1991 premiership without Gould. But that is not to say that he is dependant on the brilliant coach.Fittler welcomed the chance to be a fulltime professional. He figured he has enough trouble worrying about his football to concern himself with a career away from the game. Fittler now forms a unique combination with half-back Adrian Lam. The Sydney City team mates faced each other on opposite sides during State of Origin clashes and each was captain of their respective teams. Recently Fittler captained the 1998 Anzac Day Test to a crushing win over New Zealand and he also captained the NSW Blues in the 2 State of Origin matches held a few weeks ago but due to a groin injury he could not play in the 3rd, leaving Laurie Daley as captain in his last representative game.
Parts of this article was taken from Rugby League - Tips and Techniques #2 and Modern Australian Sport Stars - Rugby League.