I Mother Earth formed in 1990, Jagori and Christian Tanna had obviously been playing together for years, but it was

then that they met Edwin and began jamming together.

A Mutual friend who owned a studio introduced the three to each other and they had a jam session together.

Although they didn't actually form the band until almost a year later. Bruce joined the band a little while later after his old band "Rocktapus" broke up.

       I Mother Earth started getting a large following and before long, record companies were swarming IME. After meeting with several different labels, the band settled on a joint signing with EMI Music Canada and Capitol Records in the US.

      In 1992 I Mother Earth recorded Dig, they sold 70,000 copies. The band then went on a long and extensive tour pretty much all over the world, to places like Germany, England, US, and many more.   Then in 1995 the band began recording Scenery and Fish. The album Scenery and Fish was released April 23, 1996 in Canada, and released in mid summer in the US. Immediately One More Astronuat hit the air waves with great success, and got as high as #2 on the Much Music Countdown.. after a year and half of touring for S & F, the band decided to part ways with then lead vocalist Edwin. Just after Edwin left the band, the album went four times platinum, and Dig went 2 times platinum.  

       I Mother Earth toured across Canada with the Edgefest Festival. Edgefest was mostly Canadian bands touring Canada, something very rare, and nearly 35, 000 people showed up to around 8 shows or more across Canada. This Tour was a huge success and IME out played EVERY damn band in the festival!!!!   During the Edgefest tour with Edwin still part of the band, because they an obligation to play them, they found their new lead singer, a young man from NF, named Brian Byrne. Brian seems to be a great addition to the band, they are currently in the VERY late stages of the production of their latest album. Look for it in your local store in June.