The Rebellion Project

    The Rebellion Project is "The Complete Guide to Rebellion Strategy". The work on this project has been put together from info submitted by many individual sources and pulled together to create one great guide, giving multiple tactics, ideas, and strategy a name of its own.

    The Rebellion Project is here to give new meaning to creating better players, new competion, and leaving us with somebody to play, because eventually they will stop coming. God help me if I have to revert to playing the PC's AI again one day. So join in and don't pass up helping us with the Rebellion Project.

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Rebellion Strategy Sources:

Budious' Guide to Rebellion Strategy

MasterVodo's Guide to Rebellion Strategy

Strategy Section @ Kaos' Wolf Pack Clan

General Strats Imperial Tactical Database

Submitted Text From Fellow Zoners


Created by: FCL_Budious

Printed by: FCL Press Inc. 2000

Special Thanks to: Kaos, MasterVodo, RSR_Pulp, and General Strats

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