The Yu* Yu* Hakusho Art Gallery

Well, here we are... working for some demented girl. She forced us 
into these stupid white button down shirts and black jeans. Just so 
that we could watch her gallery. She better pay us good for this. Anyway,
we're tried. So we might as well take a seat first before continuing
to intorduce further...

We're Urameshi Yuusuke, Kuwabara Kazuma, Minamino Shuuichi AKA Kurama and 
Hiei. What are we, the famous Reikai Tantei doing here? To watch out this
art gallery and tell you guys what's inside it. 

There are six sections in this gallery:- 
Yu Yu Hakusho - All -> Where the pictures of a group of Reikai Tantei 
                       and other casts were displayed. Not including 
                       doujinshi scans.
Kurama *n* Hiei     -> Pictures which only have Kurama and Hiei either
                       in battle or any others situations, not including 
                       doujinshi scans. Some might be yaoi depending on 
                       how your brains picture it. ^_^;
Kurama              -> Only have pictures of Kurama or Shuuichi Minamino
                       No others. Not including doujinshi scans.
Hiei                -> Featuring only the three eyed demon. Not including 
                       doujinshi scans.
Doujinshi scans     -> Looking for this? Muahaha! Okay, be warned. Yaoi
                       or other stuffs that might irritate the mind of 
                       Anti-yaois (which i know a few) might have a chance 
                       to land in here. And trust me, you won't want to 
                       enter. Enter if you still want to... and don't flame 
                       me later! But if fun and laughter you're seeking 
                       for... click on the titles! 
Doujinshi manga     -> Well, this is the author's poor artwork. She thinks
                       she's good enough to draw manga... Go and see how
                       horrible it is!
                       Bulma : Hmm... Yuusuke's pay is cut 30%
                       Yuusuke : Gulp!

There, the discriptions of the sections. Anyway, Bulma would like to
shout "Ganbarun da yo!" to Otsu-chan! Let's do it~!


You're welcome to take a peek at...

The Yu* Yu* Hakusho All Section
The Reikai Tantei at their best!
The Kurama *N* Hiei Section
Bishounen in action!
The Kurama Section
Ever anyone wondered how does a half youko look like in Shuuichi Kurama form and Youko Kurama form?
The Hiei Section
A three eyed demon? What's that? Is it a name of a chocolate?
The Doujinshi Scans Section
Well actually, here's where we really see them in 'action'... hehe.... ^_^;
The Doujinshi Manga Section
The small portion to a universal nightmare. Imagine Bulma drawing Hiei... oh... *faints*