This web site is dedicated to sexual abuse survivors who have been diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID/MPD), Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (DDNOS), or experience any other phenomenon along the dissociative spectrum that remains undefined.

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  • Definition and Terminology Related to Multiplicity

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    SADM (Sexual Abuse, DID/MPD Support Group)is a confidential, secure e-mail list that offers support to sexual abuse survivors with Dissociative disorders. It is a forum where list members can discuss issues stemming from sexual abuse. The focus of the list is such that topics include coping strategies, flashbacks, and the effects of the past on the here and now. Alternate personalities are welcome to write to the list (with the exception of littles who can join one of the many lists that are specifically for them).

  • Bowtie's Littles Homepage

  • More Links for Littles
  • Although Borderline Personality Disorder has some similarities with DID/MPD, to maintain the focus of this list it cannot be included. In the case where you experience some over-lap of BPD and DID you are asked to focus on the DID or dissociative aspects of your experience on the SADM list. If you have BPD or experience the "fragmented" dissociation of BPD here are a couple of good lists that you can subscribe to.

  • The Borderpd List
  • The Serenity List
  • DBT Skills Discussion Group
  • The Mandate of SADM:

    SADM is a group whose members offer mutual support and understanding. This makes it possible for us to feel less alone and less misunderstood. It gives people the opportunity to be heard and respected. SADM provides a place where the voices of alternate personalities are heard and are encouraged to speak out from their own experiences and not just the experience of one's core personality.

    Childhood Sexual Abuse for the purpose of the SADM group is defined as any incestuous or sexual violation from infancy right through to early adulthood. The concerns of the group in matters of sexual abuse include flashbacks, triggers, the lingering effects of the abuse in later life, current sexual difficulties that date back to the abuse, coping with all the foregoing, personal sharing related to daily experiences and the recovery process or healing journey.

    Childhood Sexual Abuse includes a multitude of traumas from a single incident to repeated incidents of sexual acts perpetrated upon anyone as a child. Each person's experience may vary, from severe violation to touching, harrassment or verbal abuse directed at one's body.

    Please keep in mind that the SADM list is for those survivors who are still in the beginning stages of learning to cope with the difficulties encountered as a result of abuse and dissociation.

    SADM is also receptive to survivors who are further along the road in terms of achieving an overall functionality with regard to system cooperation or integration. However, over time, many people at this stage of healing have conveyed to me their desire to have a list focused on the issues one (or one's system) faces at this point in his or her healing journey.

    To subscribe to SADM send a message to me at: (DID_survivors@yahoo.com)

    CSTT (Changing Surviving to Thriving) is a new secure e-mail list started in September 1999, and was born out of the need for a discussion forum that dealt with later stages of healing for survivors of sexual abuse with dissociative disorders. Topics discussed here include integration, advanced communication between alternate personalities, how to achieve a more cohesive, cooperative system, coping strategies, and ways in which to make the transition into a more functionally healthy relational life. This list is only open to those survivors who will benefit from the issues discussed on the list and who will be of benefit to others on the list, as demonstrated through responsible list involvement. Survivors wishing to join this list will be required to respond to a letter from the list owner prior to being subscribed.

    To subscribe to CSTT, send a message to me at: (DID_survivors@yahoo.com)

    Some of the content in these sections may be triggering. Please use caution when viewing these pages. If you are having a hard time, you may wish to wait until you are in a better frame of mind before proceeding. If you are presently in a crisis situation and/or are contemplating self-injury or suicide, please seek emergency help immediately. Call your therapist, a friend, a crisis line, or the hospital.

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  • If you have any questions or want further information email me at: (DID_survivors@yahoo.com)

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