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The 2006 season started off with an archery hunt for elk in Idaho. Unfortuneately it cast a dreary outlook on the 2006 season. Fires chased myself and fellow outdoorsman Jon Silks off the mountain after only two and a half days of hunting. Luckily we had a satelite phone with us that helped keep us informed about the fire. I was hoping we weren't in any kind of danger but officials informed us to vacate the area as with fires they are unpredictable. During our brief hunt we did have a chance to view Moose, Mule Deer, Mountain Goats and a couple elk. I also discoverd a Remington Model 14 rifle in 25 caliber encased within a large evergreen tree. I estimated it had been there for a couple decades or longer. I contacted Remington with information regarding the rifle and they informed me that it was built in 1913, but that was all the information they could provide. The hunt was enjoyable but brief and I look forward to another elk hunt in 2007 if everything works out.

Moose we encountered on the 5.5 hours accent to our hunting camp.

This shot is from our campsite at an elevation of 9600 feet.

I captured this picture on our trek in displaying the awesome beauty of Idaho.

Here is the Remington Rifle, which is about five feet off the ground.

The sunset from our camp on the first evening. Look at the shade of red reflecting off the mountain slope.

This shot is from above our campsite on the next ridge over. It is on the southern edge of the hunting meadow before it dropped off sharply to a mountain stream originating from the snow melting higher up. Our tent is located in the lower right center of the photo.

This is the meadow that we hunted and saw most of the wildlife, including a couple raghorns and a small 5x5 the first evening.

This is what we woke up to on the third morning. After hunting a couple hours in the morning we we instructed it was in our best interest to abandon the hunt and retreat off from this particular mountain range.

I returned home from my hunt only to come to relization a week later how precious life is. My older sister Cathy left us unexpectedly at the young age of 48. I will dearly miss her. My sister Mary had just left us less than 18 months earlier after a brief bought with cancer. Great memories are thought of daily and not a day goes by that I don't think about them.

The remainder of the season seemed like a fog. I didn't venture out as much as I could or should have. I had quite a few chances at deer ranging in size from the mid 140's and lower but could never quite connect on the two deer I knew were in the area ranging from the mid 150's to 160's. I was successful in mid-November as I connected on a plump doe. As I was was making my way down a slight slope to retrieve her I notice a deer standing over her. I crouched down in the fading light to get a glimpse at a nice non-typical. He continued to stand over her until I approached to within 30 yards. I never did see him the remainder of the season but did capture a trail camera picture of him in February 2007.

Jake on his first hunt with me in a double Treestand 10/22/05.

This nice 8 point walked by during the season at 15 yards but had snapped his left main beam off, I estimated him to be close to 150 inches. He did survive the season and should be bigger in 06.

Jake and I with a buck that was taken on opening morning of the 2004 Ohio Archery Season.

Threequarter sideview of the buck. Gross score is 194".

2004 Buck in velvet. Caught him on a homemade game camera. For details email me below on how to make your own game camera.

Pedestal Mount from Central Flyway Taxidermy - Ernie Wallace.

Bucks through the last 10 years of QDM.

Look what we've bagged!!!

This is my 2005 Turkey.


This is a buck I passed on during the 2003 season. 8 Point that would go in the 140's.

Same buck showing the tall G2's. Both of these pictures were taken from about 12 yards in my treestand.

2002 Muzzleloader Buck with Jake helping!

2002 Muzzleloader Buck

I took this buck early on the morning of November 4,2001.

This is Jake helping me with my 2001 buck.

Here is my 2000 10 point buck taken October 15.

Here's my son helping me with the buck.

This is my 1997 archer harvest that field dressed 260.

This is my 1999 buck taken on Nov. 6th.


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NEW 2006 Homemade Game Camera pictures and Food Plot!!!

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