These two gobblers were taken during the spring season 1998. The gobbler on the left was taken on the first morning and weighed in at 20 lbs. with a 9.5 inch beard. The one on the right was taken the third week of the season and weighed 22 lbs. with a 10 inch beard. Both were taken utilizing a combination of box and diaphram calls, decoys and a Remington 11-87.
This giant 5X7 buck was taken by my brother-in-law, Victor Strausbaugh, in late November during a "20 minute" hunt. It grosses well over 190 and nets at 167.5. The main beams are so large you cannot grip your hand around either of them.
Here is the antler mount of the first deer that I ever harvested. It was taken during gun season in December of 1977 at 35 yards with a 16 guage Savage 775A that belonged to my father.
These pictures are of a nice 10 point I captured on film last year.
Here he is rubbing and beating up a tree.
This is a picture of my 1998 10 point archery harvest.