If you have searched around your home and found nothing and your pet was left outdoors [or in an unattended car] unsupervised for a period of time and had never disappeared in the past, check the yard or pen if your Pet was last seen there.  Was it left open or has the latch or lock been cut or damaged, has the fence been cut, are there footprints other than your own around. Talk to your neighbors again, maybe they saw someone with your pet and assumed it was a family member or pet sitter. Maybe they heard something. Have you had a delivery or repair service vehicle at your home while you had gone to run an errand or to work? If your pet was missing from your automobile or sidewalk where you may have left him while you shopped, chances are good your pet was stolen. Any evidence your neighbors or witnesses may have can be helpful in recovering your pet.

Pet Theft
Over 100,000 Dogs and Cats are stolen each year. The reasons pets are stolen vary, many beloved pets wind up in puppy mills, dog fighting rings, satanic cults, and biomedical research laboratories. It is believed that the vast majority is stolen for the use of selling to research facilities.  According to a document written by the Americans for Medical Progress,
approximately 65,000 Dogs and Cats are purchased by research facilities from
USDA  (United States Department of Agriculture) Licensed Class B dealers every year. These Class B dealers provide "random source" Dogs and Cats, either obtained by these methods or purchased from other Class B dealers. Gentle family pets are preferred for the ease of handling in a research environment.  The USDA has turned a blind eye and has been reluctant to enforce the regulations governing "B" dealers. Even with repeated violations, dealers are rarely cited. The list of corrupt "B" dealers and their violations goes on like a serial killer wanted list, more on this later.

As was stated before, you need to
act very fast if you hope to recover your pet. Canvass your neighborhood with fliers and Newspapers with "Lost dog" advertisements. As was mentioned before. Offer the reward - the largest reward you can afford. The Class B dealers can get up to $700 for your pet from the research labs. Place your Dog or Cat's photo on missing pet sites.

If you suspect your pet was stolen...

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