7 Hunters AU

by MTopaz


Itreya.  Land of many faces.  From the sparkling Copra Sea of the west to the Tenereth Mountains of the east.  From the Grasslands of the north to the Marfan Marshes of the south.  But despite her many faces, the spirit of the land runs true.  She suffers no usurper or despot to sit her throne, always Calling one among the royals to rule who is found worthy.  In the annals of the kingdom are recorded the stories of those who have tried to take the throne by force or guile.  The great blue light of Itreya that shone from those rightfully chosen became a burning flame that consumed any who took the throne unCalled.

As the king or queen is chosen, likewise does Itreya Call protectors to safeguard her and her people, warriors who feel The Call and come to the great castle in the capitol city of Itreya Proper.  There they are led, and all who see them as they journey know who they are for they glow with her blue light.  They are the Hunters.

Since the beginning of recorded history in Itreya there have always been Hunters.  In the monarch's name they settle disputes, enforce the law, depose evil lords, and lead the soldiers of Itreya in defense of her borders.  More often than not, they hunt the evil beings who would hurt the innocent and helpless.  Many are the human enemies and magical creatures who would come to the land to steal, kill, and destroy.  

The land Calls, but the land does not force.  None who are Called are forced to her service, yet few ever reject the Calling.  The land Calls those who have the heart and the skill to defend her and her people.  Among the greatest of the Hunters were those who served King Michael the Just.  This is but one of their stories.

from A History of the Hunters of King Michael the Just by Chronicler Martin Dunne.

Part 1