US Marines Become Masons


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Welcome to Continental Lodge #287's Home Page. We Fraternally invite you to view our Communication and visit us on our regular meeting night.  We meet on the first Wednesday of the month at Grand Lodge, 71 West 23rd Street in the Renaissance Room on the 6th Floor at 7:30PM.  Our Brothers meet for dinner prior to the meetings. Check the Communication for location and feel free to join us..... Dutch of course!!
Be Well, God Bless and let our Brotherly Love Spread Around the World!!!

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If you are not already a member of our ancient & honorable fraternity, and would like additional information, please contact this Lodg or any  of our fraternity. Although we cannot directly solicit members, we will be pleased to respond to your interest by answering your questions and will gladly provide a petition at your request.


Dear Brothers,
          Under a special Dispensation Granted by the Grand Lodge of the State of New York, 2 US Marines were given the 3 degrees in an expedited manner to allow them to become Master Mason before being shipped out to parts unknown. They received the 1st Degree in their Mother Lodge, Continental #287, the 2nd Degree was conferred by George Washington Lodge #285 in the Lodge's usual perfection. The 3rd degree was conferred by Chancellor Walworth Lodge #271 in the presence of 30 Brethren including the R.W. John P. Chang District Deputy Grand Master of the 5th Manhattan District. The lecture was given by R.W. Elliot Saron.  I myself was given to opportunity to personally Raise the new Master Masons. These 2 new Brothers wish to thank all those who helped make this happen. The Master and Brethren of Continental Lodge #287 also wish to express their gratitude to all who helped in the degrees and those who attended to show their support to these exceptional young men.
    Continental Lodge also wants to express a Special thanks for the M.W. Edward Trosin and the Grand Lodge for allowing us the privilege of shedding the Fraternal Light of Masonry on Bro. Frank Whitty and Bro. David Slagle. We will keep them and all of our Servicemen and Women in our prayers and as the US Marines said to me after the Degree...........Semper Fi