Updated March 15, 2000

 Now out of service, Southern Pacific 's interlocking tower built in ~1910 directed rail traffic from 3 directions

Elvas Interlocking Tower

 Still located @ the end of Lanatt off C st. Sacramento CA

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 Rail traffic from Stockton, Oakland, & Roseville and beyond traversed the double tracked wye for over 90 years!

An LA bound piggy back - 1996 

Late evening work goes on 24/7

 The lonely tower wait for retirement

Elvas wye signal board

Inside tower looking northwest



Video Clips

   Elvas Tower The shuttle to Oakland waitsPhoto Gallery

 Link to Track-Side


Why do a webpage on an ol railroad tower?

For a year now I have been trying to find time to create this page. I have hung out at Elvas Tower off on on for about six years. Back in the early eighties I lived within a mile of Elvas and frequented the tracks in the area quite a bit also. Commuting to work I could always see the tower from the freeway, and as I did as a kid, always check the signals for an approching train to see. My good friend Don Rosin was the swing shift operator in the tower for almost all of his 30+ years working for the Southern Pacific. He let me browse around and taught me how the tower worked. I was there on that sad October 31, 1999 (Halloween) night when Don worked the last swing shift forever. So I have had a soft spot for that little tower almost all my life being a train freak and all. This was a place where me and my wife could go enjoy one of our hobbies, railfanning in peace and quite in the middle of a large city none the less. I was afraid that the tower was going to be demolished but it looks like the California Railroad Museum will move the structure to the old SP rail yards/shops where the museum is expected to expand. I have posted photos and information that I know of & will add some video clips all as time permits. I still have 7000 other multimedia projects to complete including a video and a video screensaver of the tower. If we ever get the software worked out the screensaver will be a real kick in the rear video treat to have on your work computer. ( as long as your boss is a railfan..) I am looking for some vintage footage or photos of Elvas or the Sacramento rail scene for my documentary. If you have knowledge of any vintage stuff or just want to comment please contact me... Steve Ellis 03/15/2000.


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There have been visitors to the Tower since June - 2000





Recent:The move date to relocate tower to California Railroad Museum - none as yet

2-2000: Old crossovers were removed and replaced with hi speed ones at Brighton

11-1-1999: Elvas Tower placed out of service at approximately 09:30. See link to Sacramento Bee article here


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