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A beautiful little town on Vancouver Island off the west coast of  Canada.
Ladysmith sits on the 49th parallel on the east coast of Vancouver Island.

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Click on thumbnails to enlarge the photographs; all photographs by: Bruce G. Flanagan.


A: The new round-a-bout at the north entrance to Ladysmith B: Ladysmith shops on
1st Ave. C: Looking south on 1st Ave. D: Oyster Harbor as seen from the amphi-theater.

Just a short 15 minute drive south of Nanaimo, Ladysmith has a lot to
offer for its citizens and tourists alike.


E: Transfer Beach picnic area.  F:Sunlite through the trees at Transfer Beach Park.
G: Ladysmith is on the hill in the background of this photo taken at Slag Point near
Transfer Beach H: One of the many boat docks in  Ladysmith's Harbor.
I: You can go kayaking around Oyster Harbor by renting a kayak
near the concession stand.


I: Holland Creek is one of the many creeks and streams that flow around Ladysmith.
J: The Amphi-theater at Transfer Beach. K: Hemer Park is one of my
favorite places to walk. L: An old prospector's cabin in the vast
forests that are all around Ladysmith.

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The movies are:
A) A drive from High St. along 1st Ave. heading south.
B) A drive north along 1st Ave.
that takes you to the Eagles Club. C) A Pan of the docks.

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Where is Ladysmith you may ask yourself? We are just west of Vancouver
City in British Columbia, Canada, across the Georgia Strait. From Vancouver
City you go to Horseshoe Bay where you take a 1 & 1/2 hour BC Ferry ride
across the Georgia Strait that takes you to Nanaimo. Then from Nanaimo you
drive just 20-25 minutes south to Ladysmith. Come on over and enjoy the friendly
atmosphere and people here in Ladysmith.

A little Ladysmith history:
The town of Ladysmith's history begins as a coal mining town.  It was one
of numerous towns that were started as a result of the many coal mines of
Central Vancouver Island.  Coal baron James Dunsmuir had a vision that
transformed the steep hillside looking out over Oyster Harbor into a flourishing
community.  The town thrived with the expanding coal markets, but then diminished
after the Great Strike rocked the Island in 1912.  The town held on, with the help
of logging and other industries, and continued to build a secure future for itself.
There are many historical sites to be seen in and around Ladysmith.  One of the
town's peoples' favorite places in the summer is Transfer Beach.
This is a lovely park like setting, with a playground for the children, a snack bar,
and also the site of the Ladysmith Days Celebrations during the August long
weekend.  A new entrance to the Transfer Beach is being prepared at the base
of Robert's Street, off the Island Highway.  There is also a plan being worked
on for the future development of the Beach site, and surrounding property.

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