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Freedom Road 
Powered Parachute Involvement
Freedom Road
S. A. F. E.
Scholarship And Fundraising Exposure
Freedom Road
National (PPC) Search & Rescue
Freedom Road
( PPC F.L.I.G.H.T. Training )
For Legal Instruction Get Honored Training

  Local PPC Training Available

PPC instruction that comes to you (the student).

We will locate nearby fields for convenient training.

(Normally within 10 to 15 min. of your home.)

We Practice Organized & Respected Training ONLY.

Safety and legal understanding is an un-compromised priority.

(References Available)

 Email: flyfreedomroad@yahoo.com

 for more details.


( But PLEASE continue scrolling down for now though.)


The "DREAM and the GOAL."
to draw attention for Your Cause and Freedom Road.

"People Helping People"
Through the
Powered Parachute Industry

Freedom Road
PPC ( F.L.I.G.H.T.) Training

( National Tour )
"Helping You, Help Others"

We all have important values and ideas,
things we care about and want to share.
Sometimes we feel our ideas
can even change the world,
and we want to let other people know how
they can join in and help
change the lives of others.

Do you have something to offer those
who have talents, dreams and/or disabilities
with no means to fully utilize them
or make them come true?
(Maybe this will Help)

"4,700+ mile Powered Parachute Journey"


   Would you like to be involved, in some way,
with helping others live out their dreams?
Handicap, Terminally ill, Volunteer Searchand Rescue
Organizations, etc...
How many doors could you help open?
Whether it would be by becoming
a team member of Freedom Road
contributions that would
help Freedom Road stay active
or  or just offering ideas of ways to help others.
Read on and see where your mind takes you.
"Nothing Happens
Unless First A Dream."
Freedom Road is looking to form
clubs, teams and oganizations
that will work together and form
a National or maybe even International orginaztion
that can make a difference for those in "NEED"
across the country or around the world. 

Please read on and contact us
if there are any areas that may interest you. .

Please keep in mind,
you can also help by forwarding this
to other potential participants, contributors or sponsors
that you may be aquatinted with.
However, Please, do NOT forward this
to others that you are not aquatinted with
or familiar with.
We don't want this site to be classified
or looked at
as being in the (SPAM) category.

Freedom Road is now searching for team members
to prepare and participate
in a Powered Parachute project
that will be highly publicized
and recognized throughout the country.

Necessary qualifications for project participation are:

For some, a 5 to 6 month commitment;
(For final preparation and completion
of the cross country journey.)
Morally and Ethically sound.
Seeking at least one Trainee with interest in
becoming a full-time PPC Flight Instructor.
(No experience necessary.)
Seeking at least one Chase Team Driver(s).
(MUST have acceptable driving record.)

A systematic plan of action has already been devised
and is ready for active preparation.
Additional help will be necessary
to organize the crucial steps involved
for a project of this magnitude.
Safety and FAA rules/regulations will take Top Priority
in all matters involving this project.
This PPC project will cover approx. 4,700
(Four Thousand Seven Hundred) miles
of unbroken point to point flight.
(Unbroken by trailer relocation)
This journey currently has 130 charted stops
with over 70 backup landing locations if needed.
The charted course has been carefully routed according to:

Wind history and direction.
Air space regulations. (general and military)
Around Indian Reservations
accept where written approval will be provided.
Additional research on controversial challenges,
according to the charted flight path,
are still in progress.
Although this journey will shatter
and set many PPC records,
PLEASE understand that records and record recognition
would be appreciated but will NOT
be our focus or concern.

Organized strategies for
numerous possible occurring situations
have already been well thought out,
however additional thoughts
or possibilities concerning safety
are always welcome.

Our Purpose:

Purpose #1: To learn, understand and train at least one other person, to become familiar with all national flying conditions as well as various types of terrain. Our end result is with the intent of becoming a Nationally known, experienced and qualified Traveling Flight Instructor(s) for all PPC owners dealers and manufactures. In hopes that one-day all who are seeking proper training, but live to far away from a qualified instructor, can receive QUALITY training at normal regional charges. Additional traveling expenses will hopefully come from funds received through a PPC Division of Freedom Road "S.A.F.E." (Scholarship And Fundraising Exposure). called Freedom Road "F.L.I.G.H.T." (For Legal Instruction Get Honored Training).

Purpose #2: To Nationally and even Internationally educate everyone with interest in Powered Parachute Flight. The most beneficial area to funnel this central educational center with everything you would ever need to find out about PPCs, will be the Internet. (Available World Wide) Offering info. On Safety, Aviation Regulations, PPC Mfg., Dealers, Training, Opportunities, Statistics, Happenings, Events, Records,etc.  Some sites cover most of this already, however our purpose will be to direct National or WORLD AWARENESS to an Existing web-site interested in taking on this major happening, ( OR to seek a source ) that would like to create a New Exclusive PPC Website if an existing site is not found. (For those that may have interest only in the Internet aspect of this letter; This cross country journey will continue as a point to point ground tour. The ground tour is expected to continue indefinitely Nationwide for scheduled training purposes, while at the same time continuing to provide Scholarship And Fundraising Exposure for organizations accepted by Freedom Road S.A.F.E.. Appearances and public notifications will be organized for various stop points while in route to scheduled training destinations Nation Wide.) If you are interested in Taking on and Managing or Creating an Exclusive Site for this project and its developments or maybe to enhance your existing site, E-mail your interest with the subject labeled as "Web-site interest" to:
flyfreedomroad@yahoo.com .

Systematic plans, based on proper timing with media sources, have already been thought out and organized. Detailed strategies have been put together for the charted route involving; Local Newspapers, Select Radio Stations, Local Television Stations, Several Specific Cable Channels, Numerous Magazines, TV Talk Shows and more Strategies to utilize these sources were carefully organized to immediately attract and HOLD the attention of the media, the general public and the Internet. This attention is expected to remain consistent throughout the entire 3 to 4 month PPC journey. It is also our intent to focus this spotlight of attention on;

The Importance of Safety.
Respect to the Public, Nature and Other Sources of Aviation.
Regulation Awareness. (PPC and Aviation)
Media sources will be notified ONLY by Freedom Road Team Members. Our pre-planned Media Notification System is estimated to generate;

Immediate local attention.
Regional attention within 3 to 5 days.
National attention within 7 to 10 days weather permitting.
(SAFETY Will NOT be jeprodized to meet these estimated timelines.) Setting an example of "Safety" will be our number one focus throughout this journey.

Purpose #3: Will be to offer massive exposure, at no charge, for legitimate Scholarships & Fund-raisers through our travels. This will also include posting their information on our web-site with web-links to their site if one exists. Applicants will be screened and required to qualify according to standards and guidelines set by Freedom Road S.A.F.E.. It may be necessary to form a special committee for this purpose alone. ( If you have interest or are willing to offer assistance in this area, please E-mail us with your subject noted as: "S.A.F.E. committee" to: flyfreedomroad@yahoo.com

Travel expenses for Freedom Road will be solely relied upon by donations sent to our Freedom Road S.A.F.E. fund-raiser. A reputable bank will be chosen to handle all fund-raiser transactions for Freedom Road. The bank chosen and the necessary information to donate to will be advertised and publicized on all means of communication utilized by Freedom Road S.A.F.E.. Sponsorships by localized companies and major corporations can also offer their much-needed assistance by donating to our fund-raiser as well. All who help fund our cause will be recognized throughout our journey as well as on our web-site. We will personally distribute Literature Handouts, Logo Exposure, throughout the journey, insert a logo w/statement on our web-site AND include a link to their web-site. ( If you are interested in sponsoring or donating to this  fund-raising cause, please E-mail us with your subject noted as: "Possible Sponsor / Donation" to:
flyfreedomroad@yahoo.com . We will contact you with additional information and inform you of the nearest bank location handling our fund-raiser. Scholarships and Fund-raisers, promoted by Freedom Road S.A.F.E., will be required to provide name and location of (A BANK) handling their cause "BEFORE exposure of their cause will be reviewed or considered."

It is expected that this venture will generate a massive increase to current PPC related businesses as well as open the door for many new PPC business opportunities. If you currently have a PPC related business, and would like to be listed as a donating sponsor or a major provider in this journey, Please E-mail us at:
flyfreedomroad@yahoo.com and note your subject as "PPC related business." Please list any items, thoughts or ideas in detail. If we have not already acquired items you may list, we will contact you to confirm and make arrangements to finalize the necessary steps.(Freedom Road S.A.F.E.) will publicly document, on the Internet, all factors considered that determine our decision to continue or delay each point to point departure. This will give the ASC, EAA and the FAA the opportunity to comment on the judgment calls we make and to offer their view of our decision making process, if desired. Any educational input by these well-respected authorities, approval or constructive criticism would also serve as educational, by example, to all that view or look back on this documentation, via the Internet. This would also demonstrate their awareness and the willingness to help educate the potentially new and SAFETY MINDED PILOTS. Freedom Road understands and will rightfully accept responsibility for all decisions made on this journey.

The Powered Parachute is said to be the safest means of flight and even though all decisions WILL be made with Safety First, there is ALWAYS the possibility that something could go wrong. This is also a fact that can't be denied and should not be overlooked on this journey. There will be no doubt what so ever, on our behalf, that with Safety First, this 4,700 mile journey can and will be a safe one. But in respect to the possibility that anything should go wrong, it also should be looked at as a positive educational happening. Simply because it is vitally important for anyone interested in this sport to know that if Safety is overlooked, not only could they be hurt or fatally injured, but the reputation of the Powered Parachute Industry will be effected as well.

Undoubtedly this journey will provide the opportunity for all who are interested in Powered Parachutes to learn the difference between what IS safe and what Is NOT safe. It is our hope that this kind of "educational publicity" will discourage any irresponsible actions by present and future PPC Pilots. This source of unified educational information will also help serve in protecting the reputation of our sport. With this journey, the public will also learn the (proper) channels available to report PPC Pilots that could jeopardize the reputation of the sport we love so much. Knowing the proper channels would be beneficial for everyone because many local law enforcement officers aren't familiar with aviation regulations and must redirect or pass on reports for actions to be taken. Possibly resulting in inaccurate or incomplete information.
With proper preparation, teamwork
and respect for all elements and factors,
it would be hard to look at this project
as anything other than positive.

If you live to fly or love to drive, and think you may qualify for the participating positions available, please E-mail us at: flyfreedomroad@yahoo.com
and note the subject line as "Driving or Flight Training." If your interest and goal is in becoming an AFI or CFI, please list Your: Age, Height, Weight, Sex and why you feel that you would be the Best candidate if you were chosen to participate in this venture.

And remember.
A minimum 5 to 6 month commitment
for those interested in the journey.

For those who never thought they would Fly.
or those that Truly NEED Help
through Scholarships or Fund-raisers.
With Our Teamwork
We can make Their Dream Work.

Thank you for taking the time
to look over this search notification.

We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Until then Best Regards, Dennis

Please Note:

This site is currently being developed.
Please notice at the top of the page, you can send this page to others and also request notification of any updates. Please utilize those options NOW, before you continue on.

The Dream Began Fall 2000
Freedoms Road; Actual size=240 pixels wide
Two years and over 400 hrs later, it's starting to take shape.

This venture made possible
in part by:
Walkerton, IN.
and see HOP's Web-Site.


Buckeye Aviation, Inc.
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Freedom Road Site
was designd to
HELP Fund-raisers
"Nationwide Exposure"

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Stay Tuned !