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Speech-Language Pathology     

Some resources for SLPS

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For beginner readers
Kindergarden Word list 1
Kindergarden Word List 2
Kindergarden Text 1

Words b/bl for reading 
Words 'ch' vs 'tr'          

For beginner readers

Ben (the dog)   

The Ball
Word list for The Ball

Work sheets for phonological awareness
Rhyming grid (three letter words)
Rhyming grid 2 (three letter words)   
created 25.9.2002
Rhyming grid 3   created 30.9.2002
Magic-e (work sheet)
Words for reading (work sheet-phonemic manipulation)
Letter Bingo
Word Bingo (Three letter words)

Minimal Pairs for Reading
Words  - b vs bl   
Words  - 'a' vs 'u' 
Words  - l blends

My Top Ten Resources   

Word Lists
Word Lists (some minimal contrasts and lists for phonemic manipulation, reading and spelling)
May take a while to download.
Word Lists Magic-e Minimal contrasts


Games:  "On my way to school I saw a ...."
These games only take a few minutes and chidren love to play them. They allow the child to practice and use newly learnt sounds in sentences and spontaneous speech.

The pictures contain sounds that occur in intial, medial and final positions of words. There are also some blends.

Start from home and the first person to arrive at school is the winner. You need a dice and discs for the number of players. You land on a picture and say, "On my way to school I saw a .....".
eg. On my way to school I saw a star.
Good production of sounds is required before the next person has a chance.  It can be played in a group or with two people. Feel free to copy these games and print them out.

Please Note:
These games can only be printed out using Internet Explorer
You can download  Internet Explorer.  If you are using another browser click on  Internet Explorer  to download.

N.B. Best printed out in colour and enlarged 145% to A3, and then laminated.

Game for carry over of  /sh/, /ch/, /j/ (IMF)

Game for carry over of /s/ (IMF)  

Game for carry over of /r/ (IMF)   

Game for carry over of /l/  (IMF)  

  * Words for pictures in games: a guide

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