Grant Steven Wilson was born and raised in rural Rhode Island among the trees and lakes of New England. He spent most of his life outside camping, hiking, skiing and more. But his true love was always his creativity. Whether it was through his writing, his music or his artwork, if he was creating, he was happy.

Most of his artwork is centered around a 25 book series he has been in the thick or writing since he was twelve years old. It is a fantasy epic in the likes of J.R.R. Tolkien yet it was not inspired by him. The story covers a span of thousands of years and is a detailed intertwining of many stories in one.

He is slow to reveal any secrets about his books but hopefully some of the images on this site will peak your interest.

For right now, this site will focus on his artwork alone, but it will soon change to include all of his other talents for you to enjoy.

In the meantime you can always Email Grant and tell him what you think or if you would like to commission him to do artwork for you.


All artwork Copyright Grant S. Wilson. No artwork to be used in any way without prior written consent from Grant S. Wilson.