How to copy a web page

If you find a copy of the Rede or something else that you think would be good to have on our site, move your mouse to somewhere within the text you want on the site. Right click and choose "View Source" from the drop down menu. Highlight all the source page (Control+A), Copy it (Control+C) and Paste it (Control+V) on a blank document in Windows NotePad or Word Pad. Don't use a word processor like WordPerfect of MS Word if you can help it. Save it as a txt file and send it to us. That way it's already web ready, all we have to do is take off anything proprietary from the specific site.

On the other hand, if it's copyright material, DON'T copy it and send it to us. Just send the URL for the page (Or for the site if it uses frames) and we'll post the URL with a short description of the document.