Bret "HitMan" Hart VS. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

by Steve Rogers

(Note, this story takes place within the WWF/WCW universe of Nov 97-Jan 98)

Its the Monday after the Hart/Michales matchup in my last story and so Nitro begins, but the announcing crew seems alittle shocked to see Eric Bischoff storm to the ring, mic in hand with a very p-oed look on his face. Bischoff enters the ring and addresses the crowd:

BISCHOFF: Lets cut to the chase. Last night...Last night for the very first, and ONLY time. Myself and Vince McMahon were partners in a joint wrestling event. It was made CLEAR to me that it would be the ONLY time members to two different organizations would face each other in an event like that. Plus KNOWING how much BRET HART wanted to give those jerk-off WWF fans one last CLEAN match against Michael Hickenbottom (Author's note, WCW has often tweaked WWF/ECW by reffering to other orgainzation's personel by their real names)I RELUCTANTLY agreed to the event.

Now. Last night. Steve Austin, who faced our Dean Malenko last night, came to both me and Vince and requested a shot at Bret Hart. Since both Vince and myself knew that Bret was under contract with WCW we told Austin that that was NO longer a possibility and we told that PEA-brain not to do ANYTHING irrational or brash.

But since as Forrest Gump would say, Stupid is as Stupid does. Stone Cold, or should I say, Mushy Lukewarm Steve Austin showed up at the end of the match, challenged, and attacked Bret Hart.

Now. There is a reason why Austin is NO LONGER with WCW, and that is it. The man is out of control.

Austin. I have made sure that security will NOT LET YOU INTO ANY BUILDING A WCW EVENT IS BEING HELD!(With that, about twenty rows behind Bischoff in the crowd Stone Cold Steve Austin stands up and makes his way to the ring and the crowd roars with anticipation while Bischoff thinks the crowd is roaring for him) IN fact Steve Austin. If you come anywhere near me or any WCW employee I WILL personally knock that HOT air you have right out of your (bleep) And thats the bottom line! (by now Austin is in the ring, standing behind Bischoff with a huge grin on his face) BISCHOFF THREE SIX...(Austin taps him on the shoulder which spins Bischoff around to see Austin. Bischoff stammers and basically looks like a deer in head lights as Austin delivers a stunner)


FIRST LET ME GET THIS CRAPPY PIECE OF TRACH OUT OF THE RING(Kicks Bischoff out of the ring) Now! Can someone back there get that pink piece of trash Bret the (bleep)man Hart out here so I can open a whole keg of whoop-ass?

(Bret Hart comes out onto the entranceway and has a sly look on his face and mic in hand)

HART: Well. I see you found your way down here. Somehow you rattle-snaked your way past security, but like any snake in the ground, you can be stomped on very easily.

AUSTIN: Whatever you say Bret. But the bottom line is this. I layed out a challenge for you. And since we are both here tonight, lets get this thing settled right here and right now.

HART: I'd loved to Austin. But right now I have things to take care of here in WCW.

AUSTIN: So thats it you coward. Running away. That seems what people do whenever Stone Cold Steve Austin wants them.

HART: Well Austin. You may say I'm running, but I did not come prepared(rasies his hand, and with that Chris Benoit charges from the crowd, hits the ring and slaps the Crippler Crossface on Austin) NEVER MESS WITH CANADA YOU WORTHLESS TEXAS TRASH!

(Hart charges the ring and slaps the Sharpshooter on Austin as Benoit still has the Crossface on tight. Finally Austin passes out so Hart and Benoit leave the ring and security drages Austin out of the arena)

About an hour later on Raw, D-X(HHH, HBK, and Chyna) come out with belts in hand.

HBK: Well. I may have lost the decison. But THE HEARTBREAK KID STILL HAS THE GOLD! Now I know all of you wanted me to whup that pink meanace all the way OUT of wrestling. But BRET HART! YOU HAVE NOT WON THE WAR!

Now, Triple H, you have something to say?

HHH: Yeah Shawn. I do. Last night I had Curt "Perfect" Hennig set up for the Pedigree, but that glory hog, washed up, bannana nosed has-been Richard Morgan Fleihr wanted victories against Hennig all to himself. So what did he do? He distracted me into letting down my guard, almost costing me the victory. If it wasn't for Chyna, Hennig would have beaten me. So, Flair. I know you have a rather LARGE nose, which is about your largest redeming feature. But since you cannot beat Curt Hennig, that doesn't mean you have to stick that large, I mean nose into someone else's buisness. Other wise that person, like me for example would be glad to put you permantly OUT of the buisness.

(Shawn takes back the mike and the interview concludes)

Meanwhile an hour later on Nitro, Mean Gene brings Flair out:

FLAIR: MEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAANNNNN WHOO! GEEEEEEEENEEEEEEEEEE AN HOUR AGO. An hour ago on another wrestling program. An immature punk named Jean-Paul Hevleque(I don't know the real spelling) came out and insulted me. Well Mister H. As a matter of fact. As a matter of priniple. I have curpious notes on each and every member of the Four Horsemen so in the event that they become EX-Horsemen. I know how to kick their asses. So. I saw what you were doing to Curt Hennig and you were NOT styling and profyling. I have known Curt Hennig for a LONG time. And I know you can not put him OUT with a joke move like your pedigree. So I was trying to tell you what to do to beat him. I actually HAD some respect for you Helmsley. But after last night and tonight you have proven your self not worthy to be mentioned with THE NATURE BOY! And. If you think you are gonna put The Nature Boy out of the buisness? Ask Dusty Rhodes, Harley Race, Terry Funk, Ricky Steamboat, Ronnie Garvin, Magnum T.A., Lex Luger, Sting, Hogan, and others how to do it, and they will ALL tell you. THERE...IS...NO...STOPING...THE...WHOOOO! NATURE BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

(Struts and leaves the ring)

A Few Weeks later RAW opens with a startling announcement:

JIM ROSS: Uh folks. We are live in Hersey Pennsylvania but there have been no sign of Steve Austin, or members of D-X. Now DX's Triple H was supposed to be in a match tonight against D-Lo Brown and Austin was slated for interview time but now we can nont find any of them here and around the building. Vince McMahon has stated that we will get some subtitutes for Triple H and Austin probably later in the show.

An half hour later on Nitro live in Philly Ric Flair has the legs of Alex Wright ready for a Figure Four. A Quick Whoo! and rasing of 4 fingers and Flair executes a perfect move. But as Wright starts to tap out Shawn Michales and Triple H dash from the crowd and into the ring where they attack Flair from behind with both of their title belts. Bret Hart then runs in to make the save on Flair leading to a staredown with Michales in the center of the ring, in the meantime Flair puts Helmsley in the round the ringpost figure four. Out of nowhere then comes Steve Austin(from the crowd) to give stunners to both Michales and Hart. Flair releases the move and watchs HHH collapse on the floor holding his knee cap and hits the ring and seems to say some words to Austin. The two have a short conversation and leave the ring seperatly.

The following week both WCW and WWF announce that due to the actions of Austin and D-X that there will be a follow-up PPV with a double main event: Flair vs Helmsley in a no-DQ match and Hart vs. Austin. The undercard would also be made up of mixed federation matches.

Live from San Antonio Texas its a special WWF/WCW/NWO PPV featuring the stars of both federations.

Match One: Owen Hart/Chris Benoit vs Buff Bagwell/Brian Christopher

The first match of the card is a mixed tag team match. Benoit and Hart come down first very focused to Hart's music while Buff and Brian come seperatly and mocking the other's poses. Benoit starts the match off with Bagwell and unloads on the nWo star. Buff tries to tag Christopher but to no avail as the punishment continues. A tag made to Owen brings in Christopher but that brings the same result. In an effort to stop the bleeding Christopher runs into his own corner and clothslines Bagwell into the match, and right into the waiting arms of Owen Hart's Sharpshooter, Christopher runs in to interfer but is met with a Benoit takeddown into the Crossface. Bagwell submits, end of match, but Owen quickly gets a mic:

HART: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE! Chris Benoit and myself are both sick and tired of being sick and tired of our promotions barely promoting us. FROM NOW ON! WE ARE TAKING OVER! YOU HERE THAT MCMAHON, BISCHOFF, WHOEVER ELSE WANTS TO LISTEN? (he flips the mic to Benoit)

BENOIT: Thats right folks. Chris Beniot and Owen Hart. As a tag team you can call us the Canadian Cripplers. And we are serving WCW, WWF, NWO, whatever, notice. But we are gonna grow. Just you tune in tommorrow on Nitro. And then we are taking names and kicking the asses of anyone who gets in our way(with that the two leave the ring)

Match 2: The Giant vs The Nation (Farroq, Rock, Kamma, Henry and D-Lo)

A gimmick Gauntlent match that has D-Lo first up with the Giant, unfourtuanly he gets a quick chokeslam and out. Next up Kamma who getsz some offense in but is quickly choked slamed. Mark Henry then jumps in and tries some offense but the Giant goes for the Moonsault for the pin. Farroq is next and stays in the match long enough to wear down the Giant but eventually gets choked slammed. In comes the Rock who acctually decides its better to stay away from the Giant and leaves the ring to be counted out but gets into a confrontation with Farroq over it. After the countout is finalized the Giant steps out of the ring and chokeslames both Farroq and the Rock on the entrance ramp.

Match 3: Taka Michinisu vs Chris Jericho

Its a unification bout for the Cruiserweight champs. Jericho gets a leg up by putting on a relentless assault on the young Japanese star. In fact Taka is pretty much taken out of the match and Jericho applies the Lion Tamer for the win

Match 4: Shawn Michales vs Scott Hall

Hall comes out with blue jeans and a sweatshirt:

HALL: Aye Yo! Now the folks who put this show together thought that one of the fans most favorite series of matches of the 90's was Razor Ramon vs Shawn Michales(the crowd roars) Now. Shawn and myself 0agreed that it would be a good idea to give you all one more match between Shawn and...(removes sweatshirt and jeans to reveal full Razor Ramon garb) The Bad Guy! So Chico! Shawn, Ya better get you ass out here so I can kick it man.

Out comes Shawn Michales to "Sexy Boy" but Shawn just can't help holding back some chuckles and smirks as he comes down. Once he gets in the ring he and Scott shake hands and wish the other a good fight. Its a pretty routine match between the two but the finish comes with Razor putting Shawn up for the Edge, but Shawn slithers down and reverses it and executes it on Razor and gets the pin. Shawn helps Razor up and the two walk out of the ring together.

Match 5: Steiners vs LOD

A classic match between two of the all time great tag teams. The winner are the Steiners.

Match 6: Goldberg vs Ken Shamrock

A match of shoot fighters. While Goldberg has a size advantage, Shammrock makes up in smarts and winds up making Goldberg tap out with the ankle lock submisson.

Match 7 Ric Flair vs Hunter Hearst Hemsley

Michael Buffer enters the ring for the first of two main events:

When announcing HHH all of a subben Beethoven's "Ode To Joy" blares out as Hemsley comes out deck to the nines with a great robe with Chyna by his side. HHH does a little mock strut as he enters the ring.

Flair comes out next but as he gets half way to the ring he grabs a mic and starts talking:

FLAIR: WHOOOOOOOOOOO! Now Hemsley! You don't think for a second that I was gonna come out here and let you have a two to one advantage on the Nature Boy do you. 'Cause I have an anwser for that Amozonian you've got standing next to you. In fact. She can go toe to toe with many men in pro-wrestling today. In fact! She is ALL WOMAN! So! Without, any further ado! WHOOO! OH WOMAN OH WOMAN! WON'T CHA MARRY ME NOW! WHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Out comes Woman to stand by Flair's side and the enter the ring together. Chyna glares at Woman who promptly does a running forearm to knock Chyna down. Woman then picks Chyna up and powerbombs her out of the ring and starts a good old catfight outside the ring.

HHH is stunned as he watches so he doesn't notice Flair chopping him in the back starting the match. HHH counters with some chops of his own and an eye rake. Flair tries to go back on the offensive with an Irish Whip across the ring. HHH ducks the running lariet and pushes Flair out of the ring. Using this to his advantage HHH starts pounding Flair's body parts into the ring post. That is untill Woman chokes HHH with her necklace. HHH spins around to strike Womn but notices that Flair has gotten a hold of Chyna as she was about to low blow him. Flair sees HHH so he plants a nice wet one on Chyna. To which HHH grabs Flair and hurls him back into the ring. HHH then tries for a figure four but Flair blocks it and gets back to his feet. The match continues on untill it gets back on the floor where HHH notices that Woman has the upper hand in her catfight against Chyna. He goes to help when Flair attempts and successes with a suicide dive and starts pounding HHH. Shawn Michales comes out to help HHH and Chyna but is met by Arn Anderson who gets a hold of Michales and DDTs him. Flair drags HHH back to the ring to apply the Figure Four. HHH can't counter and weakly taps out.


The announcers notice that Flair and Anderson are still hanging around as SCSA and Bret Hart enter the ring During the match the two are seen convering with each other.

The match starts off as a brawl as the two battle outside and inside the ring. Austin gets an early advantage leaving Hart no oppertunity to collect his thoughts. The relentless Rattlesnake eventually gets a Stunner on Hart, but Hart kicks out, which stuns Austin. Austin picks Hart up and throws him out of the ring so he can do some more damgae0. As Austin is on the floor Owen Hart sneaks down and opens a six pack of whoop ass on Austin, giving Bret some time to rest. AA sees Hart and is about to make his move when Ken Shammrock makes the save and bralws with Owen to the back. Austin gets back in the ring with Bret who gives Austin a clothsline and starts the sharpshooter, but the rattlesnake slithers out of Brets graps and takes him down. Austin sees his oppertunity and applies a sharpshooter of his own. Hart doesn't give up as Austin applies the pressure for a good 5 minutes. Austin then points directly at Ric Flair and turns the Sharpshooter into a Figure Four leglock. Hart is still not giving up so Austin releases the hold, grabs Bret into a DDT position and Austin poins at Anderson as he falls back. Austin then dleivers three more DDTs and tires the pin. Hart still kicks out at two. By now Austin is wondering what the hell does it take to beat this guy, so he goes with wha he knows best. He knees Hart in the gut and stuns him. Then he pulls Hart back up and does it again, and again, and a final fourth time. This time sure that Hart is out cold Austin goes for the pin and its one-two-three.

Flair and Anderson jump in the ring to neet with Austin. Some words are exchanged and heads are nodded and Austin holds up four fingers with Flair and Anderson as the PPV ends.

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