Cry Yellow (with a touch of pink): A Dedication To The Power Ranger Women

by Ervin V. Griffin, Jr.

SUMMARY:  Trakena, Scorpina and Psycho Pink return to threaten the galaxy. The “Forever Red” team go to an island on earth to stop them but are ambushed. Cole Evans is the lone ranger to escape.  As a result,  he calls nearly every Pink & Yellow Ranger to duty to combat this menace and rescue their teammates.  This one is a take off of “Forever Red.”  It takes place between that mission and "The End Of The Power Rangers" finale on "Wild Force."

Making its way across the Pacific Ocean, the U.S.S. Brag proudly sails towards California after a successful voyage.  But as its crew look forward to some rest and relaxation, it would pick up an unexpected visitor.

“Captain!  Captain Seely!  There is someone in the water!” yells a ship-mate as he points to a lone figure floating in the ocean.  A crew member quickly dives into the water to pull him near the ship while other crew members quickly throw a line to pull them near the ship.

“Bring them aboard!” orders the captain.

As we see them bring both the brave crew member and the unexpected passenger aboard, we see that it is Cole Evans of the Wild Force Power Rangers.  He is barely conscious as they take him to the ship’s infirmary.

Later, Cole is resting on a bed as the captain comes in to check on him.

“How is he?” asked Seely.

“He’s a little water logged, some minor bruises but in okay condition. Kept mumbling something about Turtle Cove though,” reported the soldier.  Captain Seely nodded.

“Where is the nearest hospital on shore?” asked the captain.

“We are a bit away from Turtle Cove but we are near Silver Hills,” said the subordinate.

“Well then, Silver Hills it is,” said the captain as the solider acknowledged the order.

Meanwhile, we see Cole tossing and turning his head as if he was remembering something.  We now look through is mind’s eye and see flashes of a battle.  We see monsters and red rangers through it.  One vision comes through loud and clear and it is the face and voice of Tommy Oliver, the Red Zeo Power Ranger!


This voice kept echoing over and over again inside of Cole’s head until he suddenly awakened.  By this time, he finds himself inside of a hospital in Silver Hills with a nurse checking on him.

“Good afternoon, I see you slept well,” said the nurse.

“Where am I?” asked Cole.

“You are in Silver Hills.  You are a bit of a celebrity now,” said the nurse.

“What do you mean by that?” asked a confused Cole.

“Check the news,” said the pretty lady as she turned on the TV for Cole.  We see a reporter reporting the story:

And now repeating our top story, the finding of the once thought dead Cole Evans.  The son of Dr. & Mrs. Evans who was believed to had perished with his parents over 20 years ago in the jungle while searching for the lost land of Animaria.  Where his whereabouts have been over the last few years is unknown but this is both shocking but welcomed news to the scientific community who knew the Evans’.

In another top story, two of the SilverGuardians as well as a famous firefighter have gone missing.  Wesley Collins, the son of wealthy industrialist Edward Collins, and Eric Meyers were on a classified mission but have gone AWOL along with Carter Grayson.  What these three had in common is that they were part of various teams that comprised the famous Power Rangers.  The groups first appeared in 1993 in Angel Grove, CA. The most famous group once saved the earth in a fiery battle from Astromina and her band of outer space villains while one of the most recent groups saved Silver Hills from various monsters.  That group included Mr. Collins and Mr. Meyers though they have chosen to keep the identities of their teammates a secret.  Carter Grayson leads the Lightspeed Rescue Ranger team in Mariner Bay. Collins, Meyers and Grayson’s identities are publicly known but most of the other Rangers choose to keep their identities secluded from the public.

As Cole watched this report, we see other interested eyes are watching too.  We first see blonde hair but then when we spin around, we see the face of Katherine Oliver (I made her married to Tommy by this time).  We fade to Animaria where we see the faces of both Alyssa and Taylor watching the anchor’s report.  On a beach, we see the familiar faces of Ashley and Cassie as well as Kimberly Hart.  Back in Mariner Bay, we see all of the Lightspeed Rangers watching but the most interested parties are decidedly Kelsey and Dana Grayson (I am making her married to Carter as well).

When we return to Cole, we see him sitting up and calling on his graph-phone.  We immediately see who is on the other end.

“Cole?” asked a frantic Alyssa.

“Yes, its me,” said Cole.

“Cole!  Thank God you are alright!  Where….”started Alyssa but was cut off by Cole.

“Alyssa, listen to me.  There isn’t much time, you must contact some people for me.  Have them meet me at Bio-Labs as soon as possible,” said a serious Cole as he read off a number to call.  Taylor was listening as well.

Soon, another phone call is placed and we see Kat rushing to the phone.

“Tommy?!” said a frantic Kat.

“Are you Katherine Oliver?” asked Alyssa.

“Yes, who is this?” asked a decidedly disappointed Kat.

“You don’t know me but there isn’t much time, I need for you to come to Bio-Labs in Silver Hills as soon as possible.  Your husband’s life could be at stake if not the whole world,” stressed the young lady.

“Bio-Labs?  Silver Hills?  What’s there and what does this have to do with Tommy?” asked Kat.

“Believe me, I wish I knew more but you have to trust me on this. Also, get any female ranger you can to come there too,” said Alyssa before she hung up.  Kat looked at the phone for a few moments.  She then began calling her numbers.

We now switch to seeing the newlywed couple of Adam and Tanya.  They are playing in the backyard a game of badminton.  The two hear the phone.

“I’ll get it,” says Adam as he rushes to get the phone.  He picks up to hear Kat.

“Hello,” says Adam.

“Hi Adam,” says Kat.

“Katherine!  Hey, what’s up?!” says Adam.

“I am holding up,” said Kat with a ting of desperation in her voice.  Adam knew instantly what was up and signaled for Tanya to come over.  He put Kat on speaker phone.

“Hey Kat.  Tanya’s here with me.  What’s going on?” asked Adam.  Kat then went on to explain her situation and the story going out.  She also told of the mysterious call made to her for her to come to Silver Hills and that it involves Tommy.

“It could be a trap.  It may not be.  Still, I’d feel better if someone I knew came along,” said Kat.

“We’ll be there,” said Tanya.  With that, Tanya and Adam jumped into their vehicle and drove off to pick up their friend and head to Silver Hills.

End Of Pt. 1
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