Cry Yellow (with a touch of pink): A Dedication To The Power Ranger Women

by Ervin V. Griffin, Jr.

Meanwhile, Edward Collins arrived at the hospital with a yellow case in his hand.  He politely asks where Cole Evans’ room is and is shown the way in.

Once inside, Cole immediately recognizes who it is.

“Mr. Collins,” Cole acknowledged.

“Cole Evans, good to see you up,” said Mr. Collins sincerely.

“Do you have it?” asked Cole.  Mr. Collins nodded as he pulled out the transmitter device that allows communications to the future.  Cole had seen it during Wild Force’s team up with Wesley Collins and Time Force.  Wesley’s father knew a little about the device but never used it before today.

The two set it up and prayed that they got it right.  Thankfully, it worked.

Soon, a face appeared on the screen.  With luck, it was Jennifer Scotts!

“Jen!” said Cole.  Jen was stunned to see Cole Evans as well as Mr. Collins on the other end.

“Cole!  What’s going on?” said Jen, immediately sensing that something was wrong.  Cole went on to tell the whole story with both Jen and Mr. Collins listening intently.

“So, basically, I escaped to get help for them.  I won’t give up hope that they are alive but just as important, Trakena and her goons must be stopped now.  If they are not, then both of our worlds are doomed,” said Cole in as grim a voice as have ever escaped his lips.  Mr. Collins now also spoke.

“Jennifer, I know you and I haven’t seen eye to eye but if there is one thing you and I have in common and that is this….Wes.  He may have sacrificed himself to help save humanity.  Now, I am not giving up hope that he and the others are alive but if they are, we need your help,” pleaded Mr. Collins.  By this time, Katie had also came into the picture as Jen looked with both a tear in her eye as well as a look of determination.

“We’ll be there ASAP,” said Jen with a calm but serious voice.

“Thank you,” whispered Mr. Collins.

In the meantime, Kat, Adam and Tanya all arrive at Bio-Labs.  A guard escorts them to a meeting room.  The three Zeo Rangers look around the place until a voice comes into the room to greet them.

“Hello,” said Mr. Collins.  He is followed by Cole, Alyssa and Taylor.  The three turn around to see them.  Kat immediately recognizes Cole from Tommy’s various files on other Power Rangers that he’s kept over the years.

“You’re Cole, the Wild Force Red Ranger,” said Kat.

“That’s right.  I had Alyssa call you to come here,” said Cole as he had the young asian come forward to introduce herself.

“I am sorry that I couldn’t tell you more on the phone but the situation sounded urgent,” said Alyssa as she approached Kat.

“So, you are a pink ranger?” asked Tanya.

“Sort of.  I am actually a white ranger.  This is Taylor, our Wild Force Yellow Ranger,” said Alyssa as she introduced her.

“Hello?  What am I?  Chopped liver?” said Adam in a joking manner.  The ladies laughed slightly at this as if to relieve the tension of the moment.

“This cute lug is Adam, my husband,” said Tanya with a look of pride on her face.

“So, what’s the story?  What happened to the others?” asked Kat, turning serious now.

The explanation is narrated by Cole:

We were heading towards an island that we believed had an old foe of Leo and the Lost Galaxy Rangers.  Trakena was thought to have met her end during a battle with the Galaxy Rangers and Lightspeed Rescue but somehow she survived.

To help her, she resurrected Psycho Pink and created a clone of the once destroyed Scorpina.  Her plan was to launch mutated spores into the atmosphere and explode them around the world.  From there, she and her friends would take over the earth.  Tommy called all red rangers to do battle against them but Trakena had prepared for us.  We were ambushed almost immediately after we landed on the island.  Everyone, despite their valiant efforts, were captured except for me.  I  wanted to help but Tommy yelled for me to run and get help.

“He actually told all of us who to contact in the event that something like this would happen.  That’s when I had Alyssa to call you,” explained Cole.

“Can you help get them back?” asked Mr. Collins desperately.

“We sure will try.  Alyssa, can I use your phone?  I need to make some phone calls,” asked Kat.  Alyssa obliged.

We now move to a scene on a beach where a cell-phone is ringing.  We see a hand pick it up and now a face.  The face belonging to Kimberly Hart.

“Hello?” said Kimberly.

“Kimberly, its Kat,” said the native Australian, who now seems a bit stronger than she was but still concerned.

“Kat!  What happened!?  Have you heard anything?!” asked a frantic Kimberly, wondering what happened to Jason.

“Kimberly, there is no time to explain.  Can you get to Silver Hills?  We can explain from there,” asked Kat.

“Yeah, I can get there.  I have both Cassie and Ashley here too,” said Kimberly as the two mentioned women have come to the phone as well.

“Great because I think we will need all the help we can get.  See if they can contact Karone, Kendrix and Mya on Mirinoe,” requested Kat.

“Okay, I’ll see about another Ranger friend of ours too,” said Kimberly.

“Okay, bye,” said Kat as she hung up.  As she did, a SilverGuardian soldier came in to report to Mr. Collins.

“Mr. Collins, sorry to interrupt but there are two females that claim they know your son Wes,” said the solider.

“Pull them up on the security camera,” requested Mr. Collins.  As the screen came down from the ceiling, we see an image of two women in black and white jumpsuits.  One with brown hair, brown eyes, slim but athletic.  The other tall, brown skinned, with light grey eyes who was also slim and athletic.  Mr. Collins knew who they were immediately.

“Send them in,” ordered the old biologist.  The solider nodded and went to get them.

Soon, we see the two women come into the meeting room.  Alyssa and Taylor knew them immediately.

“Jen!  Its good to see you!” said Alyssa with a hug to her.  Jen returned the hug.

“Taylor, you look well,” said Katie as she shook her hand.

“So do you,” returned Taylor.

“I take it you know each other,” said Kat.

“Oh, I’m sorry.  I am Jennifer Scotts, Time Force Pink Ranger.  This is Katie Walker, Time Force Yellow Ranger,” introduced Jen.

“And you are?” asked Katie.

“I am Katherine Oliver, Zeo Pink Ranger.  These two are Adam, Zeo Green Ranger and Tanya, Zeo Yellow Ranger and recently married,” said Kat.

“Congratulations,” said Katie happily.

“I hope it works out,” said Jen, trying to force a smile but a ting of jealousy was obvious in her voice.  Everyone could tell this too and was looking at her funny.

“Anyway, what’s going on?” said Jen trying to change the subject.  As Kat was ready to speak, in came Kimberly, Cassie and Ashley.

“You made it!” said Kat as she greeted the woman who she once took the place of in the Power Rangers.

“Any doubt that I would?” said Kimberly playfully.

“Everyone, this is…”started Kat but Jen cut in.

“Kimberly Hart?” said Jen.

“Yeah, that’s me.  But how do you know me?” asked Kim to Jen who she has never met before.

“Are you kidding?  You are a legend in our time!  The original pink ranger, in the flesh,” said Jen happily.

“Well, I don’t know about legend but thanks,” said a flattered Kimberly but obviously trying to stay humble despite the praise.

“Oh, this is Cassie, the Pink Turbo Ranger and Ashley, the Yellow Turbo Ranger,” introduced Kimberly.  Both women said hello to everyone.

“By the way, I managed to contact Karone on KO-35.  She’ll be here and will have Kendrix and Mya with her as well,” said Ashley.

“Well, I guess we better tell everyone here what we know so far,” said Kat.  She then paraphrased what Cole told them earlier.  After about a 10 minute briefing, everyone was silent.

“So, that’s the situation. I say that all of us women should take part in this mission.  It will be dangerous so I can’t force you to go.  You’ll have to decide that on your own.  As for me, however, I am going to go get my husband,” said Kat.

“Katherine, you were one of my first friends when I came back to the United States.  We faced many dangers as both Zeo Rangers and as the first Turbo Rangers.  Where you go and fight, I will go,” said Tanya.  At this point, Kimberly walked up to speak.

“The fate of the world and the man that I married is at stake.  For better or worse, Jason would want me to fight.  Count me in,” said Kimberly.

“Same here,” said Cassie with Ashley nodding ‘yes.’

“A great man that I still care for is out there.  Like Kimberly, if he were here, he’d want me to fight. I’ll fight to my last breath to bring him home and stop this Trakena.  I’m going,” said Jen.

“And where you go, I follow,” said Katie with a gentle hand on her shoulder.  At this point, Taylor walks up.

“To be a part of this with all these Rangers, both past and present, is an honor.  Promise me a trip to the moon and I still would choose a mission with you guys anytime,” said Taylor as she pledged allegiance to this mission.

“Same here,” said Alyssa.

“Well, alright.  Then its settled,” said Kat, smiling gratefully.

“Wait, wasn’t there another yellow ranger with you Kimberly?” asked Katie.

“That was Trini Kwan but she unfortunately died in an automobile accident back in Sept. of 2001,” said Kimberly as she pulled out Trini’s old morpher.

“There was another that took her place but I don’t know if she’ll make it,” said the Mighty Morphin’ Pink Ranger.

“Well, let’s get to the boat and to our mission,” said Kat.  The ladies agreed and moved out.

End Of Pt. 2
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