Cry Yellow (with a touch of pink): A Dedication To The Power Ranger Women

by Ervin V. Griffin, Jr.

Later, we see Cole, Alyssa, Taylor, Kat, Tanya, Adam, Jen, Katie, Cassie, Ashley and Kimberly on a dock along with Mr. Collins.  Captain Seely agreed pilot this mission back to the island where the “Forever Red” team was believed to be captured.  As Cole and Kat went over things with Seely and Mr. Collins, Adam and Tanya have a quite moment alone.

“I wish I was going with you,” said Adam with sincere regret in his voice.

“I do too but this is more or less the ladies turn this time. Cole is only going because he’s the only one with any idea where this place is.  Still, I wish you were going to be there too,” said Tanya.

“Promise me you’ll come back.  You are the best thing to ever happen to me,” said Adam as he held his new bride’s face as if he was holding a precious jewel.  Tanya leaned up and gave him a kiss.

“I’ll be back, don’t worry,” said Tanya as the two embraced.  From a distance, we see Jen looking at them with a decidedly approving but envious look on her face.  In her mind’s eye, she saw herself and Wes sharing a moment like that.

“If only,” said Jen in her mind.  Alyssa suddenly broke her out of her thoughts.

“Uh, Jen.  That thing you guys have is ringing,” said Alyssa, referring to the communicator that Time Force uses from time to time to contact the future.  Jen came over to see it was Captain Logan.

“Captain,” said Jen respectfully.

“Jen, I see you made it back.  Let me wish you as well as the other ladies luck on your upcoming mission….and to tell you some bad news,” said Logan.  Jen’s full attention was on the screen as well as the others.

“Things have been slowly changing in the future. It is good that you are on this mission.  Everything here depends on your success.  Also, there is a problem with Alex.  He suddenly fell ill…,” started Logan.

“Ill!?  How?” asked Jen.

“We don’t know but we think it has a lot to do with Wes’ disappearance.  They are connected because of their bloodlines.  If something happens to him now, then any future bloodlines to the Collins’ may be permanently destroyed, including Alex,” said Logan bluntly.  This brought a grim look to both Jen and Mr. Collins’ face.

“Does Wes’ have any children?” asked Captain Logan.

“No, he isn’t even married,” said Jen, her voice decidedly breaking. Katie walked to her side as well as Kat with the others looking on.

“I think you better hurry,” said Logan with a salute.  Jen forced herself up straight and saluted back.  Just as this transmission went off, sounds of flying vehicles came from the sky.  It was Kendrix, Karone and Mya in their Ranger forms on their respective flyers from KO-35 and Mirinoe respectively.  At the same time, a yellow humvee drove up.  It was Kelsey and Dana from Lightspeed Rescue along with someone that was laying in the backseat.

“Guys, glad you could make it,” greeted Kat as the space rangers demorphed.  Karone walked over to Cassie and Ashley.

“Hey guys.  I know a lot has changed since we last saw each other,” said Karone.  Indeed, when last they met, they were actually enemies as Karone was once the evil Astromina but was saved by her brother, the Red Space Ranger Andros.  Since then, she’s been the Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger and most recently, she took Cassie’s place as the Pink Space Ranger.

Cassie and Ashley greeted her with a hug like a long lost friend.  As they filled her in with what’s been going on, we see Kelsey going to the back seat to wake their passenger.

“Hey, we are here!  Wake up!” said Kelsey as the passenger stirred.  As she got up, we see the face and form of Aiesha!  This was an immediate welcomed sight to Kimberly.

“You made it!” said Kimberly as both she, Tanya and Kat rushed to greet her.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t have if I didn’t run into these two,” said Aiesha, referring to Dana and Kelsey.

“I have something for you,” said Kimberly as she pulled out her old yellow morpher.  Aiesha looked up at Kimberly both with glee but sadness.

“So, you know about Trini,” asked Kimberly.

“Yeah, I heard,” said Aiesha.  Kimberly clutched her hand with reassurance.

“I am sure if she were here, she’d approve,” assured Kimberly.

“Thanks.  So, what’s been going on with you guys?” asked Aiesha.

“Well, we are all kept women now,” said Kimberly as she explained how now she’s married to Jason, Kat is married to Tommy and Tanya is married to Adam.

“Wow, that’s great!  Congratulations!” said the always bubbly Aiesha.  As the women talked, Jen looked over (she’s dressed in her 21st century clothes by the way as is Katie) and that feeling of both joy and jealousy swept over her.  Aiesha saw the two Time Force Rangers and waved.  Katie waved earnestly but Jen only out of respect as she boarded the ship.  Katie walked over to talk to the other female Rangers.

“Hey, what’s the story with her?” asked Tanya, referring to Jen.

“I think she’s a bit upset about Wes.  Seeing you guys all happy and married….well, it’s a bit complicated,” said Katie.  During this, we see Kelsey and Dana trying to get something heavy out of their humvee.  Katie walks over and just throws it up onto her shoulder to the amazement and shock of the other women except for Alyssa and Taylor (who grinned at the other’s expressions).

“So, where do you need it?” asked Katie.  Kelsey managed to get over her shock enough to tell her.

“Just on the ship,” said Kelsey.  As Katie put the cargo onto the ship, the others looked on in awe.

“Guys, remind me not to make her mad,” said Kimberly.  The others nodded in agreement.

Soon, the ship set sail towards their destination with Adam and Mr. Collins waiving goodbye and praying a silent prayer that they would return safely with the other Rangers and with the world out of danger.

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